Atherton Foundation Supports Hokulani CTOM’s Vision

Hokulani CTOM News Release

The Atherton Foundation has awarded a generous grant to Hokulani Children’s Theatre of Molokai (CTOM), furthering its commitment to enriching the lives of children through the arts. With a grant totaling $16,150, the Atherton Foundation is empowering CTOM to expand its programming and provide invaluable opportunities for young performers across Hawaii.

The Atherton Foundation has been a cornerstone of philanthropy and community enrichment in Hawaii for years. With a rich history rooted in a commitment to social responsibility and cultural preservation, the foundation has consistently championed initiatives that uplift and empower communities across the islands. Guided by its mission to promote education, arts, and culture, the Atherton Foundation has supported a diverse range of programs and organizations, striving to foster a more vibrant and inclusive society for all residents of Hawaii. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, the foundation continues to make a lasting impact, ensuring that the spirit of aloha thrives for generations to come.

Molokai’s cultural landscape is set to blossom with the infusion of resources into CTOM’s initiatives, enhancing children’s access to performing arts education. This grant signifies Atherton Foundation’s dedication to fostering creativity and education among the youth of Hawaii, particularly in underserved communities.

CTOM will use Atherton’s contribution to expand the summer resource program, an integral part of its mission to nurture young talent. The grant will ensure that students have access to essential resources, enabling them to explore and develop their artistic abilities and community building efforts. Details are being finalized and will then be released.

Additionally, the grant will facilitate the second half of a groundbreaking collaboration between CTOM and the Lanai Academy of Performing Arts. In October, a combined performing arts camp will take place on Lanai, offering children from both organizations a unique opportunity to engage with the performing arts while fostering cultural exchange and collaboration.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Atherton Foundation to further our mission of providing enriching arts experiences for Hawaii’s youth,” said Vicki Boswell, the founder of Hokulani CTOM. “This grant will not only enhance our existing programs but also allow us to reach new heights in serving the children of our community.”

The impact of Atherton Foundation’s support extends beyond financial assistance; it represents a commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists and leaders of Molokai. By investing in CTOM’s vision for children, Atherton Foundation is helping to cultivate a vibrant and diverse arts community that will continue to flourish for years to come.






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