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Arts Center Celebrates 10 Years

MAC News Release

On Aug. 6, 2010, Molokai Arts Center, Inc. was established as a nonprofit organization in the state of Hawaii. Ten years later, in the midst of COVID-19, the MAC, as it is affectionately known, continues to grow despite its current limited capacity.

In 2005, master potter Dan Bennett transformed his two-car garage into a studio. He invited a small group of Molokai artists to share his space and equipment. Dan taught, guided, and encouraged this growing group of potters and sculptors.

Five years later, over 20 eager artists were creating and collaborating. Dan’s modest space was bursting at the seams. Everyone was limited to two hours studio time per week; kiln space, wheel time and glazing tables became precious resources. And more people were waiting to join.

We needed more space and equipment for ourselves, but as we talked story about it, we also realized that we wanted to grow the artistic community on Molokai. Several skilled artists were willing to offer free instruction in visual arts, music, and dance. Artists visiting our island wanted to share their knowledge with the local community, and that needed some structure.

We wanted to create opportunities for new artists through adult and children’s classes. We wanted to make local art more accessible through a small gallery space specifically for local artists. We wanted to create a space where experienced artists visiting our island could share their knowledge with our community. Our burgeoning community needed a new home.

Through a partnership with Coffees of Hawaii and many dedicated and skilled volunteers, the MAC studio opened in February, 2012. We started with 1000 square feet of ceramic studio space, 10 pottery wheels, one kiln, and a showroom.

Our MAC community and programming has outgrown its current space. But we celebrate our 10th birthday with optimism and vigor! Help us celebrate this Molokai milestone by joining our Facebook page, visiting our website, and participating in our online auction, which ends Aug. 14, but visiting mac.betterworld.org/auctions/kim-s-birthday-fundraiser-moloka.

Looking forward to another 10 years and beyond of enriching the artistic community on Molokai.


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