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MAC News Release

The Molokai Arts Center (MAC) welcomes Artist in Residence Noelani M. Piters to our community. Noelani Piters is a Chinese, Kanaka Maoli and Jewish writer living in San Francisco, CA. She is a 2022 Kearny Street Workshop Interdisciplinary Writers Lab Fellow. Her poetry has been published in Reed Magazine and Pleiades, and she has contributed to The Rumpus and SOMA Magazine.

Noelani will be working on a short story collection centered around Hawaii, the Native Hawaiian diaspora, mixedness and what it means to belong. These stories will explore how immigration, colonization, family myth, mixed experience, the relationship to the land, inheritance and kuleana complicate and create identity. This will manifest in fragmented narratives, characters who question the invisible barriers that delineate their various heritages, and visceral descriptions of locations with deep historical or personal significance.

A MAC Talk event is scheduled toward the end of her residency, Thursday, August 24, 5:30 p.m. at the MAC. Until then, we hope to introduce her to people and places that will support her work. A workshop or two will also be planned.


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