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Apply for Made in Maui County Festival

Maui Chamber of Commerce News Release 

The Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival, a highly anticipated celebration of local craftsmanship and community pride, reminds local manufacturers and potential vendors to seize the opportunity and apply now for participation in its monumental 10th annual event. With limited space available, this two-day festival offers a platform like no other to showcase products, connect with wholesale buyers, engage with customers, and experience the unwavering support of the Maui County community.

Past attendees of the Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival have consistently praised the significant impact this event has had on their business. Manufacturers have reported that participating in this two-day extravaganza has generated sales surpassing three months’ worth of revenue. Countless success stories have emerged from the festival, with vendors having the opportunity to connect with wholesale buyers who propelled their companies to new levels of growth and recognition.

“Local manufacturers and potential vendors are encouraged to apply now for the 10th Annual Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival,” said Pamela Tumpap, President of the Maui Chamber of Commerce. “This event has proven time and again to be a game-changer for our participants. Beyond the tremendous sales potential, it offers a unique opportunity to engage with customers, receive valuable feedback, and bask in the unwavering support of our strong and vibrant community.”

The Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival has become synonymous with excellence, authenticity, and the celebration of Maui County’s exceptional products. By participating in the festival, local manufacturers gain invaluable exposure to a diverse audience of consumers and industry professionals, elevating their brands and amplifying their reach.

Space at the 10th Annual Made in Maui County Festival is limited, and applications are required. Local manufacturers and potential vendors from Maui, Molokai and Lanai are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to secure their spot at this landmark event. The application deadline is Friday, July 21.

To apply and for more information about the 10th Annual Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival, visit MadeInMauiCountyFestival.com. 

Media Contact: Pamela Tumpap, Maui Chamber of Commerce, pamela@mauichamber.com, 808-269-0141


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