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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

Community Contributed

By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

Hawaii schools follow the Na Hopena A’O/HA framework.  This framework provides a system of expectations for all in Hawaii to aspire to.   HA means breath and the components of the framework are an acrostic of the letters in breath; belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha, total wellbeing, and Hawaii.  With Makahiki season upon us, the talk of champions and excellence is constant.  In first grade at Kilohana School, I wanted to make time to enhance our total well being as well as our sense of excellence.  A warrior is someone who is as mentally strong and prepared as well as physically strong and prepared.   We learned about resilience, positive self-talk and the power to be your own warrior. 

Our writing prompt was, “I am my own warrior when I….”  

By Kalea Ellis, Grade 1, Kilohana School. “I am my own champion when I ride my bike. I am safe with my helmet and pads.”


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