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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

Community Contributed

By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

Hawaii schools follow the Na Hopena A’O/HA framework.  This framework provides a system of expectations for all in Hawaii to aspire to.   HA means breath and the components of the framework are an acrostic of the letters in breath; belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha, total wellbeing, and Hawaii.  With Makahiki season upon us, the talk of champions and excellence is constant.  In first grade at Kilohana School, I wanted to make time to enhance our total well being as well as our sense of excellence.  A warrior is someone who is as mentally strong and prepared as well as physically strong and prepared.   We learned about resilience, positive self-talk and the power to be your own warrior. 

Our writing prompt was, “I am my own warrior when I….”  

By Leah-Marie Makekau, Grade 1, Kilohana School

“I am my own champion when I calm my breathing if I feel my asthma coming. I stop and take slow breaths.”


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