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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

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By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

First graders practice what they know all day every day. At Kilohana Elementary School, one way I planned for them to practice their understanding of letters and the sounds they make when put together is writing a haiku.  Haiku demands understanding of syllables.  Syllables are sounds. They are the sounds that make up individual words as opposed to CVC words where each letter makes its own sound. This learning guides early readers into the understanding of digraphs and diphthongs — more than one letter that combine to make a single sound.  Please enjoy our first grade haiku with the prompt, “What about living on Molokai brings you joy?”

By Leah Marie Makekau, Grade 1. Sunsets sunrise shine. Mom Leah Dad Skylan John Run fast to hug them.



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