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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

By Charles Miguel, Grade 1 “Drag the buck and get stuff from the truck.”

Kilohana Elementary School is a Project Based Learning School and we encourage learners to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, and extend our thinking beyond the classroom. In answering the question, “How can we share our learning with our friends, families and our community?” first graders at Kilohana will share their understanding with our community in the Dispatch.

Oct. 19 was Unity Day.  We began a focused campaign to prevent bullying and demonstrate kindness to all. In first grade, we have been learning about verbs, which we used in our writing about unity. Our prompt was, “Aloha in action creates unity.” They wrote about how they help their family by being strong and smart together.


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