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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

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By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

In teaching first grade at Kilohana School, I choose a guiding these for my class each year, based on my intentions for the year and reflection on the first few weeks with my new students. This year, our guiding theme was “KU.” KU is to be proud, to stand tall. Throughout the year, we referred to this theme almost daily reflecting on our daily practices.  Win or lose, right or wrong, classwork or social behavior — are we proud?  Proud of our achievements, proud of our efforts, proud of our words and actions. Whatever we do or did, do it standing tall.  

Here is the list of one thing that each first grader chose for which they are most proud of themselves this year.   

Leah Marie Makekau:  I am proud that I can do subtraction.

Kaila French: I am proud I feel safe and my school is safe and the staff and everyone makes sure we are safe. 

Charles Miguel: I am proud that my teacher taught me how to write sentences and we played games to learn and how good I am at ECRI and math. 

Keira French:  I am proud to have friends by my side.

Alessa Lavoie: I am proud of you teaching us and making us more smart.

Dallas Bicoy: I am most proud of my nice teacher who was very helpful. I am proud of how much we all learned. 

Keku Lopes:  I am proud of my teacher because she taught me so much and I am proud when I am kind.

Kalea Ellis: I am proud of when I do math.

Analu Kalima Tanaka: I am proud of when I am nice to everyone and learning hard stuff. 

Keewe Lima: I am proud because I calm myself down and think about what I am doing. 

Kolten Demello: I am proud that I know how to read and proud of my classmates’ hard work.  

Revin Pasqual: I am proud to be at this school and be safe and learn a lot. 

Liam Place: I am proud of how helpful you are making new friends. 

Keaka Naki: I am proud of being kind to my friends and learning math. 

Laiku He: I am proud of the math I can do and knowing stuff.


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