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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

Community Contributed

By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

In Kilohana School’s first grade class, one of our students had a loss of a family pet and he was grieving. I took the opportunity to talk a little bit about loss and grief with them. At the end of our conversation, I asked them to think of an animal or a person or even an experience where they had grief or loss, to close their eyes until they had a memory in their heart that made them smile when they thought about it. And this beautiful poem is the result, a composite written by all my students and myself. 

Memories of Loved Ones

I remember she would read to me. The Three Little Pigs, One Fish, Two Fish…. She gives me stuff to play with and to put on my walls…. Nerf battles and holding his pellet gun….  He would give us “uku” bites and he would hold me when I was a baby…. Afraid that mom was sick. Scared.  He used to play fetch with his toys….  Everyday he waits for me.  I loved him to the moon and back from the moon.  Badger waiting at the bus stop for me. Tail wagging. Hugs and snuggles.  Prayers by the grave. I remember that she made Jello and popcorn with us.  Trips to Oahu then Disneyland. He rode the big rides with me.  I used to feed him.  He would purr and snuggle on my bed.  I let her chase me around the yard. We go to the park and play basketball.  Video games with him. 


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