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A’o Aku; A’o Mai: What I Learn, I Teach

Community Contributed

By Sara Jane Larkin, Teacher

Kilohana School first graders discussed ‘Auamo Kuleana. “I can carry a burden/responsibilities and still move forward to a goal.” It is a privilege to have this responsibility. It is important to remember that just because a person ‘auamo kuleana well, with a smile, it doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. Here is what the class shared. 

Leah-Marie Makekau: “I will use what I know how to do.”

Kalea Ellis: “I will try hard things.”

Keaka Naki: “I will think about my friends and who I live. That will help me go on. 

Dallas Bicoy: “If it gets harder and harder, I will keep pushing and listen to the people helping me. 

Kaila French: “I will decide to keep going.”

Keewe Lima: “I will calm down to concentrate on what I am doing.”

Kekuhaupio Lopes: “I will remind myself that I am loved.”

Keira French: I am going to tell my brain that I believe in me. 

Laiku He: “I will focus and — look!”

Analu Tanaka: “I will tell myself, ‘I can do it.’”

Alessa Lavois: “If we are doing math or something really hard, I will tell myself, ‘I can do this,’ and keep moving forward.”

Charles Miguel: “I will say, ‘I got this, don’t be embarrassed.’”

Kolten Dello: “I will get my frustration out, then do my hardest.”


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