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Another Step Towards `Aha K`iole Creation

Molokai has been taking a statewide leadership role in the creation and implementation of a new state law which calls for the creation of an `Aha K`iole – a state wide traditional governance system. Each island is to create an ahupua`a-based governance system, and to organize a group of ahupua`a into a Moku – Molokai has organized their 60-plus ahupua`a into five Moku. Leaders are elected in each Moku by those who live in that Moku. The Moku elected leaders then come together under an island `Aha Moku, and join with the other island’s `Aha Moku into an `Aha K`iole. This new system of resource governance is actually an old traditional Hawaiian way of managing the limited resources. The goal is sustainability, by putting the decision making into the hands of the people who live in each of the ahupua`a (place based management).

Under state management, our resources are disappearing at an alarming rate. This is a chance for us to take management control of our resources, maka ala, it is your kuleana to take care of Haloa and Haloa will take care of you and your mo`opuna.

Recently, Molokai participated in `Aha Moku Puwalu, sponsored by the Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council.

Walter Ritte


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