Another Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

Del Monte & Libby Pineapple, Sheraton, Louisiana Land, Colony, Tokyo Kosan, and the over 10,000 so called TB cattle was, at one time, Molokai’s economy and they all left.  Their employees got hurt; some left and some stayed.  Molokai survived. 

To the MPL employees, the people of Molokai have empathy for you as you go through the change.  MPL is closing and claims it is because of the opposition to the La`au project.  Maybe….maybe not.


Why would you put all your eggs in one plan and say…..my way only or the highway?  Wouldn’t it be better to have a lot of little rather than one big?

Maybe there is no aloha for Molokai from MPL; but in the meantime, how about a little aloha for the business that you do have?  My suggestion is to lease the golf course to Sonny Boy, the lodge to….?, Wallace theaters to,,,?, the campgrounds and give opportunity for your Kalua Koi Hotel to be refurbished and restored for time share including the dinning room to Molokai people first, etc. and then off-island people with the stipulation that whoever buys your company renegotiate with the lessees.  Hope MPL doesn’t let the property sit for the termites and the rats to kau kau (eat) as did the previous owner.

Maybe the word can be put out to World investors that the red dirt on the West End with a little bit of squeeze, lomi lomi (massage) and manipulation can produce oil and gasoline.  Oops, maybe that’s going too far J

Larry Helm

Concerned Citizen


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