Annette Pauole-Ahukuelo Honored

“I’m pretty shy about these kinds of things,” says Annette Pauole-Ahukuelo who was recently designated County of Maui Financial Champion award by the Small Business Association (SBA) for empowering Molokai entrepreneurs through Molokai’s Kuha`o Business Center.


While Pauole-Ahukuelo’s attitude is humble, the kudos she received certainly were not – the county handed down her award in the form of a resolution, and that state followed suit with an official proclamation. “I was in awe of the magnitude of the award,” said Pauole-Ahukuelo.


Every year the SBA awards individuals who make outstanding achievements in Hawaii’s business world. Pauole-Ahukuelo was nominated this year by Charlene Aquino of American Savings, Molokai. “I thank the SBA, American Savings Bank, the Maui Chamber of commerce, and the Maui county council. They really went the distance making this award a special occasion for all the winners,” said Pauole-Ahukuelo.


But it’s Pauole-Ahukuelo who has gone the distance. Since the beginning of 2007 she has had over 600 visits and meetings with clients and entrepreneurs through the Kuha`o Business Center. How does she handle the volume? “I love my job…. My priority is to help Molokai people get ahead not only in their businesses but in their personal lives as well.”


Now that the awards ceremonies have past and the overwhelming attention subsided, Pauole-Ahukuelo is excited about the coming year. The Kuhao Business Center, which she is the director of, will be offering outstanding resources this year to Molokai’s small business community including a well rounded lineup of free workshops. “They are eclectic and exciting workshops” says Pauole-Ahukuelo with a grin.


Congratulations Annette. Your hard work and passion for the individuals on Molokai have paid off in a very deserving way!


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