And The Shama Thrush Sings To Me

By Robyn Labrador


Between innocence and waking

Spirits of the ancient ones tell the trees

The songbird is here with joyful calling

We go on creating with our seeds


My senses are alive now in my bed

A smile on my lips to hear the shama

Beautifully bring in the day ahead

They sing of joy and Island mana


A chorus erupts, all want to be heard

All energy and chatter

Little creatures with purpose

Nature’s garden, with open theater


Life’s necessities of survival and connections

The balance we strive to keep

Nature’s perfection can teach us trust

In the Shama’s range of verses


We make friends in the garden

I dig and plant, and turn the soil

While the Shama is near

Then comes close to gain from my toil


All through the day, I spy the black tail

Or hear the mates calling across the yard

Their song does then regail

Life’s grand and majestic ballad


Dusk light is falling

The garden becomes still

Nests are made cozy and all settle in

Then out of the silence a melodious trill


The Shama’s last song

Another day is ending

The ancient trees rustle and bend

And the pueo are ready to take their watch


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