And the Dear Friends Have to Part

Molokai Museum hosts farewell party for the Curtises

Community Contributed

By Marie Yamashita

Sunday, Feb. 28, at 1:00 p.m. The weather was foul.  All morning the heavy rains and piercing cold winds continued.  It was not a time to be outdoors.  Still one hoped that there would be a break in the weather because there was a farewell party at the Molokai Museum that one really wanted to attend.  It was for David and Dorothe Curtis who were moving to Maui, and how could one miss this last opportunity to get together with them and bid them aloha.

Luckily, just before one o’clock the drenching rains eased into soft drops and one could ward off the cold with a warm sweater.  At the museum, friends had already begun to gather.  More and more came and soon there was a crowd in the museum — a happy, congenial group. 

The staid museum was festive.  It sparkled that day with cozy tables covered with colorful tablecloths and later there would be silverware and plates.  Not the usual paper plates and plastic forks — nothing but the best, the classy stuff for David and Dorothe. 

Why, or is it why not?  Hadn’t David and Dorothe given their best to the sugar mill and museum?  And, wasn’t this the most appropriate place to have a farewell party for them?  Pearl Hodgins in her greetings to the gathering said, (I think this is close to what she said) “If it had not been for Dorothe and David this museum would not be here. Probably this place would still be covered with weeds and brushes.”  Also, one might add, and the sugar mill would not have been restored.

Timmy Leong and some others who were involved in the restoration of the mill and building the museum were asked to share some interesting stories.  Then Noe Keliikipi recognized Ada DeCourcy for the beautiful commemorative quilt she had made for the museum. Joan Davis designed and worked with Ada making the quilt.

The Doxology in Hawaiian and English and then it was time for the excellent buffet to begin.  It started with an array of appetizers including a create-your-own-sushi bar.  Next came bowls of fresh green salads, a delicious entrée and yummy desserts. Plus, the service was incomparable. Docent Wilma Pratt and husband Frank plied guests with “remove your plates? More water? More shrimps? More desserts?” etc.
Meanwhile docent Linda Johnson was apparently busy doing refills. 

By any measure this was a great aloha party for Dorothe and David.  We would like to think that they had a good time.  Many thanks go to Pearl and Noe and all those who were responsible for giving the successful party. 

We are reluctant to see David and Dorothe leave Molokai.  They lived here for 40 years, had a nice spread, and were good friends. Apparently it wasn’t easy for them to leave either.  Anne Bacon their daughter said it was a hard decision they had to make.  We will miss them.  But, there comes a time for all of us when “the dear friends have to part.” 


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