Alvarez Playing Basketball at Dakota College

Molokai High School Alumnus Mark Alvarez playing Jacks, his team at Dakota College at Bottineau. Photo Courtesy of Dakota College

Molokai High School basketball alumni Mark Alvarez is attending Dakota College at Bottineau, North Dakota as a freshman, and is playing basketball for the Jacks. The Molokai Sports Report got a chance to do a Q&A with Mark last weekend.

  1. How have you adjusted to leaving Molokai and college life? “Adjusting to college life was challenging, mainly because of homesickness and balancing school, basketball and fun. I miss my family so much but I am thankful for the technology and they are only a FaceTime away.”
  2. How has your basketball season been going and how is it different from high school basketball? “Im glad I pursue my dream to play at the collegiate level and got into the best basketball JUCO program at Dakota College. My coaches are former Division 1 players so they run and treat practice like were in a same atmosphere. Basketball season has been great, so far we’re 5-0. We have a special group of guys; some teammates are top best players recruit on their respective states but were all on the same mission to make history. Personally, I got short stints in games so I made sure to value every moment to contribute and get my average up on my floor time.”
  3. Give me the specifics on your major and what some of your goals are? “I am majoring in nursing and aspiring to be a Registered Nurse. As of now I’m taking classes that will work my way through towards getting into the nursing program by next year.”
  4. Anything else you’d like to say to your Alma Mater? “To all the MHS student athletes: Put all the focus on your effort, it is the only thing you can control. Aloha and Go Farmers!!!!”






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