Aloha from a Veterinarian

It has been six years this month that I have had the privilege and pleasure as one of the visiting vets of helping you care for your animals. I want to thank you and the many wonderful volunteers who assisted me during these visits. A special thanks and appreciation to all the dedicated board members over the years and Tessa for their help in making the Molokai Humane Society (MoHS) grow and better serve the community. I wish for continued growth of the MoHS that it may someday actually have a real shelter to care for the animals that are in need. I know this is possible with cooperation and combined efforts of the community. I would like to wish Dr. Stewart Morgan all the best in his new position as MoHS’s first staff veterinarian.  Molokai continues to be blessed with capable caring veterinarians! My experiences on Molokai have been memorable and rewarding! I hope to see many of you again and will help as needed in the future.
Eileen Naaman DVM


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