Aloha in a Time of Sorrow

My husband and I have just returned home to Washington State after spending five days on your beautiful island.  We went to attend the funeral of my brother, Kurt Unglaub, who had lived on the island for about four years.  He was the pastor of the Molokai Adventist Church, a job that he really loved and didn’t even consider a “job.” From the first day after we arrived and we walked into Aunty Ruby’s Cafe for breakfast, I could see why my brother loved living here so much.  It was his kind of place – laid back with natural beauty.  I could picture him walking along the streets, talking to people, and wanting to get to know everyone.  I want to thank everyone for their kindness shown to our family.  The aloha spirit has shown up like a wonderful rainbow helping us through our time of great sorrow.  Our parents, Bob and Arlene Unglaub, wished that they could have come over to Molokai too, but they are not able to travel and have asked me to give their special thanks for your generosity and love. 

Paula Unglaub Knight


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