Aloha Mrs. Akiona

While we look ahead with great anticipation to what the closure of this school year and the beginning of next school year will bring, it also reminds us that our dedicated School Health Nurse Jeanette Akiona will not be working alongside us anymore.  Yes, after all these years she has decided to retire and spend more time doing the things she enjoys most.  Although we shall miss her dearly, we are genuinely happy for her and her family.  Congratulations Jeanette!

Just prior to her departure, about 50 people gathered at Hotel Molokai for a farewell dinner.  She loved being surrounded by her family and close friends, along with three principals, five school health nurses and other Kilohana School workmates.  That Dec. 8 evening proved to be such a beautiful celebration; the poolside tables dressed in red looked absolutely beautiful!  The entertainment wonderful, the food onolicious and the company was just the greatest! A perfect send off for such a wonderful person. Aloha Jeanette!  We shall miss you dearly.

Olivia Riel


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