Aloha to the MPL Employees

Aloha to the MPL employees,                                                March 27, 2008                             

I feel that MPL’s selfish decision to close down and lay-off all their employees to prove a point is typical of a wealthy corporate bully. Guoco, MPL’s mother company, made a net profit of six billion dollars last year.

This is the perfect opportunity for the MPL victims to take advantage of offers that will come their way.  On Moloka`i there is a need for educators, nurses, social workers, computer technicians, bookkeepers and entrepreneurs. For those that are homesteaders use your land and water, get involved in agriculture, whether it is a small garden or large farm. If your 40 acres are fenced, raise cattle for your family or for the Moloka`i Livestock Cooperative. MPL has 500 head; maybe they will donate or sell their young cattle for your self-sufficiency (if they really care about their employees).

The State of Hawaii proposes to assist MPL’s former employees; they should provide scholarships for college, farm/ranch grants for homesteaders, as well as training and funding to become business entrepreneurs.  Utilize the Moloka`i Kuha`o Business Center, the Maui/Molokai Community College, the CTAHR agriculture specialist, and other available programs that will development your capacity. Don’t settle for minimum wage; don’t toil for a company that does not appreciate your true worth.  Use this situation as a motivator to improve your life and job skills. 

Ask the State of Hawaii to provide the resources that will be truly helpful and don’t settle for only an unemployment or welfare check.  I know many of you, and trust me; you are capable of fulfilling your own dreams. It’s time to think positive and journey into new ventures. Imua!!! Best wishes to you all. 

Kammy Purdy, Entrepreneur

Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm

Former business owner of the Kamuela’s Cookhouse and The Travel Shoppe

Administrator of the Molokai Livestock Cooperative


2 Responses to “Aloha to the MPL Employees”

  1. halemalu says:

    your comment is an encouraging and practical approach while most of the others just blame each other which is a waste of time and has me a bit depressed.
    we need to set up the right people in the planning departments to encourage and give incentives and PERMITS! to home-based businesses here. why do we need to bring in almost all of our groceries? why are there not enough places for our visitors to stay? there are many needs here and many opportunities to meet them. but government red tape is a deterrent to those who would like to go ahead and start a business. and too many people take “no” for an answer.

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