Aloha is alive and well on Molokai

Submitted by Karl & Cynthia Pond – Asheville, North Carolina

We must send our thanks to all of you wonderful people who helped us out when our car wouldn't start on Saturday.  After spending 3-1/2 glorious weeks on Molokai: 

We were headed for the ferry to Maui, by way of the ice cream shop, when the car battery gave out.  A very sweet young mother with 2 little girls in tow offered to give us a jump-start. 

After 20 minutes of unsuccessfully trying, a very nice gentleman with a car full of family offered to check with the service station, and then went to the Napa shop to find more help.  A charming young man from Napa came right over and got the car started – then returned on His motor scooter when the car died again, started it again and then followed behind us to make sure we reached the ferry in time. 

The aloha spirit is alive and well on Molokai…mahalo.


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