To All on Molokai

Since I was little my goal in life has been to love everyone. This means to love everyone I know and have known and everyone I haven’t met or ever will meet, even those not yet born. You may be asking, how you can love everyone, people you haven’t met, or those you will never meet, let alone those not yet born? My answer is through those that I do. For instance, I meet you and get to know you and I allow myself to develop a love for you, the things you do and the way you do them. I allow myself to love your likes and dislikes and the way you respond to them. I allow myself to develop a love for how you think and feel. By allowing myself to develop a love for you I also allow myself to develop a love for those who are like you. There are people like you. Yes, you are unique from others in many ways. However, you are also similar to others as well. So you see, by opening myself up to loving you I have opened myself to loving all those who are like you, even if I never get to meet them.

I thank God for having met and getting to know you all! You have helped bring me closer to my goal.

Happy New Year!
Michael Hino


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