Alice in Paradise

Molokai High School students perform “Alice in the Wonderland.”

By Léo Azambuja 

Poor Alice! The evil Queen of Hearts has never lost a game of croquet. Does Alice stand a chance against the Queen? There is one last opportunity to find out. Molokai High School students will perform Tuesday night “Alice in the Wonderland,” based on Lewis Carroll most famous book.

The students performed the play three times last week. However, on last week Tuesday’s performance, the play was cut short because of an accident. So the actors are giving an extra performance this week Tuesday night.

Nancy Lawrence, the school’s drama advisor, said the play generated such a profit that it paid for itself, for the last play (Henry James' The Heiress), and there is still money to give the next one “a good start.” The students directed by teacher Don Whitten will perform at 7 p.m. at the Molokai High School cafeteria.

High school plays are not cheap. Expenses range from royalties to wardrobe, props, paint, and even food. Fortunately, Molokai business helped with many donations. Mahalo to Molokai Drug Store, Snack and Go, Bamboo Pantry, Mango Mart, and Atlas Store. Mahalo to resident Kimberly Sutton, who bought tickets for an entire 2nd Grade class to watch the play.


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