Alan Fukuyama for Council

I would like to congratulate each of my opponents for a spirited race in the Maui County Council Makawao-Haiku-Paia residency seat. Many people in the days after the election have asked if I will be endorsing any of the remaining candidates. After thinking long and hard about this, I have decided to stay neutral because I believe both Kai Nishiki and Mike White have not taken a strong stance on supporting our working families.

Rather, just as I have in the primary, I will be endorsing Alan Fukuyama for the West Maui Council seat. He is an honest and collaborative leader who will fight for working people. Many of his ideas to move Maui County forward truly excite me. He has plans to support the development of sustainable technologies and wants to start on the long road of solving our water problems.

I do not make endorsements lightly, and I hope you will compare the records of the two West Maui candidates and ask yourself, who really has the best interest for the future of my family? I believe your conclusion will be to vote for Alan Fukuyama.

Finally, as the outgoing Board of Education (BOE) member, I would like to remind each of you to not give up your right to vote for your BOE member. The right to vote should never be taken lightly and never taken away from the people.
Mary Ribucan Cochran


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