Aka`ula to Host Youth Visioning Summit

Community Contributed

By Dara Lukonen

In 1999, students from four elementary schools and the middle school came together to generate a youth vision for Molokai.  Eleven years later, it is time to revisit and re-evaluate the visioning goals and rekindle the spirit that infused the original visioning project. 

For Ka Ho`omohala Nu`ukia Molokai – Youth Vision Project 2010, 22 sixth through eighth grade students will be selected to attend and we would love to see all Molokai schools (serving grades six through eight) represented. This project is free of charge for students and has been made possible through grants and donations. 

Participants of the visioning project will stay at Pu`u O Hoku Ranch from Oct. 4 – 8.  They will attend panel discussions on environment, education, health and safety, culture, economics, technology, and leadership.  Goal statements will be developed for each topic, as well as a collective vision encompassing all of the strands.  Participants will then create action plans for each goal and select team leaders for actions they feel demand immediate attention.  On the final day of the project, participants will share their visioning booklet, the culmination of their week’s work, with an audience made up of classmates, family, community members, and supporting organizations.

Students who are interested in participating in this new visioning project need to complete an application packet by Sept. 24.  Packets are available at Aka`ula School, located in the Kualapu`u Center.  For more information or an application, please call Aka`ula School at 567-6981 or email Dara at dara@wave.hicv.net.


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