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Aka`ula High School Graduation

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Editor’s note: Aka`ula High School celebrated the graduation of four seniors last Friday. Aka`ula School’s Class of 2014 is Lance Dudoit-Doo, Kalehiwa Dudoit,

Kalahikiola Helm, and Rydge Pawn. Below are articles from Kala and Kalehiwa reprinted with permission from the Aka`ula newsletter reflecting on their graduation and time at the school.


Our Time Has Come

By Kalahikiola Helm, Senior

High school graduation is a day of monumental accomplishment and an achievement that will be ours forever. We wouldn’t be here without a tremendous amount of hard work and the support of our loved ones. On the days when we felt that we could not continue, our family, friends, and teachers encouraged us, and we persevered. The moment we walk across the stage to receive our diplomas will be a moment to savor. As high school ends, our new lives begin, and we are ready to take on the world!


A Long Time of This and That

By Kalehiwa Dudoit, Senior

For the past seven long years, I have been an Aka`ula student. I’ve traveled nine times with the school, twice out of the country. I have participated in four PRISM Symposiums and completed four IEEIA investigations. I have gone to Pala`au house five times. I’ve made over 50 art pieces. I’ve read over 100 books. I’ve written hundreds of papers. I’ve made 20 friends from all over the country. I’ve sung in Na Mele two times. I’ve had 10 cavities. I swam thousands of laps. I made six gingerbread houses. I’ve been to seven promotions. I’ve moved to eight different classrooms and three different buildings. I’ve judged in one amateur “Chopped.” I’ve been through three computers. I’ve had five wet downs. I threw a dozen different Frisbees. I had five different teachers.


However, all the while, there has been one constant, three teachers; Ms. Newberry, Miss Lukonen and Mr. Riel. Until this day, every time I say “Ms. Newberry,” I think of blueberries, I have a hard time remembering how to spell “Lukonen” and I always spell Mr. Riel’s name “Mr. Reil.” Although I’ve called them each other’s names many times, they’ve never failed to remember my name.


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