Airline Ticket Wars Benefiting Molokai

Go! Airlines advertising error doesn’t mean a cheap ticket isn’t available

Many consumers looking to fly to Molokai from Oahu as recently as January were likely put off by the high cost of arriving here; a one-way ticket from Honolulu was priced anywhere between $48-$65 for one-way trips- a steep price for a 25-minute ride.

Enter Pacific Wings airlines, which joined the fray in early February with an announcement that they would be offering fares for $29 per trip (one way). This has put pressure on George’s Aviation, Molokai Air Shuttle, and Island Air, the regional commuter companies flying to Molokai who seem to have been around forever.

Now, a new player has joined the table- Go! Airlines has announced they will be offering $19 inter-island trips starting April 16- but they will not be flying to Molokai, as they had announced late last week. Travelers on other islands should also be aware that this fare is temporary and only available until April 23.

Though the fare be fleeting, the competition- Island Air- has created a sale to coincide with the Go! temporary rate, and will be offering a brief 4 day period- also ending April 23- during which time flights will also be $19 ($24.90 with taxes) per trip.

Julie Bicoy of the Molokai Visitors Association notes that visitors to the friendly isle are up 10% over last year. “The price wars are definitely helping locals,” she says from her Kaunakakai office, “in that there are more visitors here increasing the business being done by local merchants, but also it’s great that people can get to places like Honolulu or Hilo for less than they could before.”

In July, the Hawaii Superferry will begin operating, but will be skipping Molokai on its trips between Kaua`i, Oahu, and Maui. The Molokai Princess continues to make twice-daily trips, for $42.40/Adult, between Kaunakakai and Lahaina, but anyone wishing to get to any island besides Maui must look into airlines as their prime option.


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