Air Riflery Takes Aim

By Molokai Dispatch Staff

The Air Riflery teams are shooting for a fun and challenging season, according to Coach Chinky Hubbard. The Girls and Boys teams have begun practice, gearing up for a fall season of competition.

The boys side is led by 2014-2015 MIL boys team champion and two time air riflery States qualifier, senior Jershon Kaalekahi, said Hubbard, via email.

“Kaalekahi is also playing football which entails strength, speed and stamina, whereas Air Riflery is meticulous relaxed precision sport,” said Hubbard. Nonetheless, the shooter makes the transition smoothly, and his coach anticipates a competitive season ahead.

Hubbard said the Girls’ team has a combination of both novice and experienced shooters.

“[It’s]] a lively group of girls with marksmanship skills are led by senior Sonja Angst,” he said. “The girl’s team has the ability to be a strong contender in the upcoming season.”

The teams will be hosting a Molokai Air Riflery tournament shoot, held at the Barn ‪on Sept. 2 starting at ‪6 p.m. They will travel to the Maui High shoot which will be held ‪on Sept. 18‬. MILS will be held at Baldwin High School ‪on Oct. 16‬ and States will be held ‪on Oct. 30‬ on Oahu.

“We look forward to our home competition, and a challenging fun season,” said Hubbard. “Our team with represent the Farmers well in the 2016-2017 season.”


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