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`Aha Moku Advisory Seeks Feedback

DLNR News Release

The `Aha Moku Advisory Committee (AMAC) has scheduled a series of public meetings this month to seek comment from communities in `ahupua`a districts as it develops and adopts rules for its operation and administration.

Created by the Legislature in 2012 via Act 288, the `Aha Moku Advisory Committee is attached to the State Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and is mandated to bring the voices of the `ahupua`a communities forward to the Department on issues related to natural and cultural resources.

“AMAC may advise the DLNR on issues related to land and natural resources management through the ‘Aha Moku system of best management practices,” said Leimana DaMate, AMAC executive director. “This system is based upon indigenous resource management practices within moku (island) boundaries. These boundaries acknowledge the natural contours of land, the specific resources located within those areas (`ahupua`a), and the methodology necessary to sustain resources and the community.”

Molokai meetings will be held on Sunday, Nov. 29 for the Kaluakoi, Ko`olau, Kawela and Pala`au Moku, with time and location to be determined.


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