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`Aha Ki`ole Survey Says No Windmills

Community Contributed

Submitted by Karen Poepoe

The existing `Aha Moku/`Aha Ki`ole bill which calls for an `Aha Ki`ole presence in an advisory capacity within the DLNR continues to struggle to stay alive in legislation, and we support it wholeheartedly. However, we see no reason why we cannot move forward with our own island issues as a whole community and people powered rather than money powered. Our community demographic and conservative lifestyles allow the possibility of an effective `Aha Ki`ole management community collaboration effort.

`Aha Ki`ole held a public survey from March 8-26, giving the people of Molokai the opportunity to state whether they supported windmill development on Molokai or not. The survey combined with, but was not limited to an open registration for `Aha Ki`ole membership, which is open to all moku of Molokai.
Out of 469 participants, 19 supported windmill development, 437 did not and 13 were undecided. The nearly 500 adults that participated represent approx.. 10 percent of the primary stakeholders on Molokai.

The outcome pointed so overwhelmingly against windmill development as presented that it would be reasonable to conclude that the trend would most likely continue without enough change to affect a different outcome.

We recommend to the government of the state of Hawaii: (1) to acknowledge our right and kuleana as the permanent, long-term residents of Molokai and as major stakeholders on our island, to play a major role in decision-making for Molokai, especially regarding plans that have potentially far-reaching and life-change outcomes for our community; (2) that any plan that the state has to effect tour island resource, including potential large scale projects, be reviewed by our island `Aha Ki`ole advisory, put to the people for their mana`o and feedback, and respected as the kuleana and right of Molokai to decide its own future; (3) to recognize that we are citizens of the state of Hawaii as well, and we too are looking for ways to best manage our `aina for the sustainability which we have been carefully encouraging as a community for the future of our families.

Registration is on-going; contact your moku representative for more information.

`Aha Ki`ole o Molokai

Po`o Molokai – Vanda Hanakahi
Na alaka`i moku (district leaders):
Halawa – Pilipo Solatario
Ko`olau – Judy Caparida, Ruth Manu
Mana`e – Bronson Kalipi
Kawela – Mervin Dudoit
Pala`au – Wayde Lee
Maunaloa – Byron Espaniola


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