`Aha Kiole Continues Discussions

Voting delayed, consensus one step closer. 

By Andres Madueno

While no voting took place at last Thursday’s `Aha Kiole meeting, the evening did provide a forum to discuss ways to settle disagreements and tensions throughout the community.

The `Aha Kiole Advisory Council was formed to represent local practitioners in Hawaii and to advise the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and related agencies in managing the state’s natural resources using ancient Hawaiian practices.

A series of nominations and voting must occur to elect members to the Molokai Pae Moku of the statewide advisory council. The first of these meetings was held last Thursday to elect representatives to the Pala`au Moku.

But, the voting was canceled by Vanda Hanakahi, chair of the statewide `Aha Kiole and Molokai representative, because not enough applications were sent in for the Pala`au Moku. As a result, the new topic of the evening was changed to focus on enabling members of the community to work together in a more harmonious manner.

Uncle Wade Lee suggested the group should do a community ho`oponopono (to make things right).

“We have to remember that we have to have good spirits in the meetings. We have to teach ourselves to love each other,” said Lee.

It was decided that Lee and resident Auntie Iwalani will be coordinating a ho`oponopono session. Ideally, the ho`oponopono will bring people together and help to make decisions on what actions will be taken next.

 “The missing link is organization,” said Homestead farmer Walter Ritte. “Organization will help with more numbers at meetings and the education of the community on important issues such as this.”

The Molokai Pae Moku is divided into five sections. The sections include Pala`au, Ho`olehua, Na`iwa, Kahanui, and Kalama`ula.

The ho`oponopono will be held on Aug. 26 at Kulana O`iwi at 6:30 p.m. 


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