Adults to Blame for Violent Youth

Today while driving through Ranch Camp I had the misfortune of encountering two male students of Molokai High in the midst of a physical altercation. Yes, they were “scrapping”! 

In a panic I stopped my car in the middle of the street, jumped out and tried to separate them. I gave them both an earful and sent one of them on his not so merry way. To my dismay the father of the second boy was in his garage less than 20 feet away instructing the other students to “let them fight”.

When confronted, all this person did was put blame on the other boy. All I heard was “Him, him, him! Not my boy’s fault! You don’t know!” 

I wasn’t blaming anyone, nor do I care who was at fault. What I do know is two kids were fighting and this adult did nothing! In this situation, no one is to blame but the adult.

Parents should be the guiding light for their children helping them grow to be an asset to our community. Teach them to overcome adversity. Help them in choosing the right path when confronted with obstacles. Show them the difference between right and wrong. If you don’t, who will? 

So, to you, tough guy, all I have to you say is, what goes around comes around and shame, shame, shame!

— Against condoning juvenile violence (Name withheld by editor)


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