Adressing the Current Economic Conditions

As families and businesses on Moloka‘i are reviewing their finances, our Administration is moving ahead with a comprehensive, five-point plan to strengthen the local economy.

A key component of the plan is to invest in improvements to our infrastructure and state facilities.

Over the next 18 months, we intend to invest more than $1.8 billion into an estimated 1,500 major improvement projects statewide.

Among them are 35 infrastructure projects set to begin on Moloka‘i.

They include the improvements planned for the Kalaupapa Settlement Harbor Facility. The cost of this project is estimated at $925,303.

Also, roughly $405,000 in various improvements are planned for the Kalaupapa Settlement Nursing Facility. Construction is scheduled to start in February.

Then, there are the improvements to the Moloka‘i Airport Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station. That is an estimated $6.3 million project.

On top of all that are the renovations planned for the ferry system at Kaunakakai Harbor. The estimated cost of that project is $6.4 million.

These are all infrastructure projects that have been budgeted, approved by the Hawai‘i Legislature and are ready to start construction.

These projects are also a critical part of our Administration’s five-point plan to stimulate the economy by creating jobs.

Other components of the five-point plan are: increasing tourism outreach and marketing; lowering business fees and providing tax relief; attracting private investments in such industries as renewable energy; and maximizing federal dollars and partnerships.

As for the infrastructure projects, Moloka‘i residents are encouraged to track their progress online at

Such details as estimated start dates, contractors who have been awarded the projects, and status of required permits are just a click away on our Administration’s website. By putting the projects online and updating the public on their status in a timely manner, we believe this approach keeps the pressure on us to ensure that these projects are making headway.

While the current economic conditions have prompted our Administration to demand a hiring freeze and across the-the-board cuts, we are confident that these challenges can become opportunities for our state.   


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