Acts of Kindness

Oprah’s call for “random acts of kindness” is alive and well on Molokai. I advertised a van for sale and a father with eight children came to look at the van. When he saw my yard with overgrown grass and pile of debris and rubbish left by former occupants, the father offered to clean up the piles and cut the grass. With sadness I responded “I have no money to pay you.” He replied, “That’s ok, I have lots of children to help.”
Two days later I returned from town and to my delight and surprise the whole gang was working away mowing and piling brush, etc. on their pickups, and little girls were raking up the grass. I went to help put the stickery brush on the pickups and a young boy said to me with a big smile, “you go rest, we can do this.”
This great-grandmother has been suffering from arthritis and I had prayed to be able to clean up this place. Part of my belief is cleanliness and order in and around our homes and premises. Can you imagine a beautiful island with no rubbish and old cans. Wow! The children worked so cheerfully and enjoyed doing kindness. I felt very humbled and searched the home for little gifts as a reward for a hard job well done.

Constance Jenkins


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