Action Continues After March

Womens March Hawaii News Release

The official numbers for the historic Women’s Marches held in 914 cities in over 60 countries around the world are in! On the low end, 3.5 million people participated globally, while on the high end, 5.6 million people marched. Though many marches took place around the world, the vast majority of global turnout was not surprisingly at U.S.-based marches. Even using the conservative low-end estimate for U.S. Women’s March attendance, researchers made a remarkable discovery: on Saturday, Jan. 21, at least one out of every 100 Americans participated in a Women’s March, an unprecedented mass mobilization that was the largest ever in U.S. history.

Thank you once again to everyone who turned out for this immense show of solidarity and support for the belief that women’s rights are human rights. It is very exciting and hopeful so many people mobilized in such a short period of time here in Hawaii Nei and throughout the world, now we look forward to important next steps in what has become a movement throughout Hawaii and the nation.

On Molokai, a quickly and effcently organized sister march brought nearly 100 people out to Kaunakakai! We wanted to give a huge mahalo to everyone who was able to turn out as well as to all those who helped organize the march. As we have seen from the last two weeks, everyday there are opportunitites to take that momemtuem from the march to create a movement. To empower local communities we have launched nieghborhood actions groups. The objective is that we can step up and form small groups based on interest that can keep the pressure on our legislatures both on the state and national levels.

Our new website, womensmarchhawaii.com, is up and running and will be the Hawaii affiliate’s main communication. We encourage everyone who participated in one of the seven marches across the state to opt in to receive calls to action and information on how you can make a difference and have your voice heard. Molokai’s Emillia Noordhoek, as well as Sherry Campagna and Michael Golojuch, Jr., are the state co-chairs of the organization. If you have any questions, please contact them at Hawaii@womens march.com.


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