A Mother’s Thoughts

Gianina Reid went missing on Molokai in June. The below was a message that was texted to me by her mom, Lenia Rexrode, on Gianina’s birthday, Oct 26. I asked permission to share it with our community, especially at this time of Thanksgiving. May we all remember who and what is so very dear to our hearts and to forever cherish the love we have for each other.

“Another birthday has gone by, far too short a life. But an impactful one. We each leave our mark on this earth in some way. My heart is thankful to you all, deeply because you’ve all been soldiers looking for her. I think it’s only a thing a mother gets. I am doing so well by outward appearances but I miss the simple days of movies and popcorn. Waking up broke. But together…  now I don’t have those same simple problems but I’d give all I have to be back with my little ones. All together with me. No longer.

I used to think I wanted certain things. Then when this happened, I realized my prize, happiness, was my girls. Funny how your perspective changes, and we can be put in our spot by God, thank you. Very grateful for all your help.”

Christine Hanapi


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