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Cable Outage Caused by Water Leak

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers on Molokai were without cable services for about 30 hours last week starting Wednesday evening. The outage was caused by a water leak in the east end building that houses Oceanic’s equipment, according to Norman Santos, vice president of engineering for Oceanic.

The company uses microwave signals to send cable and Internet signals from Lahaina, Maui to Molokai. A small building in east Molokai serves as the hub to receive those transmission signals. Santos said water started dripping into the building last Wednesday evening, March 9, and shorted out the two receivers for video signal. The third receiver for Internet remained operational, and Oceanic Internet did not fail during that time, according to Santos.…

Unresolved Solar Applications Pile Up

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


More than 100 applications to install rooftop solar on Molokai remain pending at the hands of Maui Electric, according to a company representative. This delay as been reprimanded by Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Chair Randall Iwase, who issued a statement last week expressing dissatisfaction in the holdups on Molokai to approve and connect new rooftop solar.

“I am disappointed with several recent events that affect new renewable energy projects in the Hawaiian Electric Companies… which may also work against the goals of lowering electric rates for all customers and achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2045,” he wrote.

In February of last year, Iwase and the president of Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) signed a letter of agreement stating in part that “the policy is that the HECO Companies have an affirmative duty to interconnect a potential customer pursuant to existing statutory requirements, commission orders, and the utility’s tariff where that project does not affect circuit or system level security and reliability.”

Iwase said he believes HECO and subsidiary Maui Electric may not be upholding their end of the agreement.…

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The Molokai Community Plan

Friday, April 8th, 2016

Aha Kiole o Molokai News Release

The Maui County Planning Department started the review process for The Molokai Community Plan, which included many meetings of different groups and covered all aspects of Molokai. At first, the Molokai community was not participating, so the Aha Kiole got involved and held five meetings in each of the five Moku to let people know what was going on, how important the Molokai Community Plan was and ask people what they wanted to put into the plan.

Last week, the plan came before the Molokai Planning Commission for the final of many Commission meetings. The Aha Kiole o Molokai, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, UH Law School and many in the Molokai community joined forces to make sure the mana`o of our community was pa`a in the plan.…

Spring Sports Preview, Part II

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Spring Sports Preview, Part II

Photo by Ke’van Dudoit.

As seven Molokai High School sports teams gear up for the spring season — some with competition already under their belt — we complete a look at what’s in store for the teams in the months ahead.

Boys Volleyball

The Molokai Boys Volleyball team is experienced this year with 12 returnees and six seniors on the team. Head Coach Hale Domingo said he is excited and has high hopes for this year’s team.

“I have heavy upperclassmen with this team, so I’m very lucky to have such an older team where they can control the practices as we’re trying to get everybody involved,” he said.…

New Football Scoreboard Fundraiser

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

New Football Scoreboard Fundraiser

FMHMSF News Release


#18 John Michael Mokiao Duvachelle will be the Senior QB next season. Photo by Rick Schonely.

The Friends of Molokai High and Middle Schools Foundation (FMHMSF) would like to get our newly crowned MIL Champions Farmer Football team a new scoreboard. Total cost for this scoreboard is about $13,000 with shipping included. With installation and other incidental costs, the total cost to complete this project would be closer to $15,000.

Although it would have been nice to just pay for, then donate a scoreboard to our Athletic Department, the Friends Foundation is not in a financial position to do so, at least not for the entire amount.…

Farmers Face Final Weeks of Seasons

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

The Molokai High School Boys basketball team finished the regular season with an 8-4 record and in second place behind regular season champ Seabury. They will travel this weekend to Maui for the MIL DII Tournament at Seabury where they will face third place Lanai in a semifinal game on Thursday. Seabury will face Hana in the other semifinal.

Head coach Mike Kahale is getting his team ready for the tournament and is ready for the challenge.

”We are looking forward to MILs this week. Your regular season record really means nothing at this point, everyone makes the playoffs…. We have proven that we can compete and win with anyone in our division, but there has also been some inconsistency where we have not performed at our best.…

Lady Farmers Paddling 5th in State

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Lady Farmers Paddling 5th in State

The Molokai Girls Canoe Paddling team placed fifth in the final race of the 2016 state championships on Oahu this past weekend. They placed third in their preliminary race and then won their semifinal heat and advanced to the finals.

Photo by Mahina Martin

Kamehameha School-Kapalama took first with a time of 04:00.23, Punahou was second followed by Seabury in third and Roosevelt fourth. Molokai finished with a time of  04:14.91.

“The girls did great,” said Coach Stefanie Hubbard. “Unlike most other sports, there are no separate divisions. So for our small island school and crew to be racing in the finals and now to be ranked fifth in the entire state is amazing!”…

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