3 Selected as Representative Picks

Stacy Helm Crivello

Linda Clark

Claire Kamalu Carroll

By Catherine Cluett Pactol

Molokai’s Stacy Helm Crivello is among three applicants selected by the Democratic Party to fill the House District 13 vacancy left when former Molokai Representative Lynn DeCoite was named a state senator. Crivello, a former County Councilmember and community advocate, was selected along with Claire Kamalu Carroll of Hana, Maui and Linda Clark of Kaupo, Maui from among five candidates who submitted their applications for the vacancy. The three names will be sent to Gov. David Ige for his consideration to fill the House vacancy, and he has until Monday, August 16 to select one of these individuals.

Maui County Democratic Party’s House District 13 selection body – comprised of the party’s precinct officers and district council chair who reside in House District 13 – met virtually last Saturday to make the selection among the five candidates. The meeting was also available to the public live on Facebook.

Among the five applicants was also Barbara Haliniak of Molokai, a small business owner and current President of the Molokai Island Foundation.

The Democratic selection group of 28 members could each vote with their top three picks for the seat. Clark topped the votes with 20, while Carroll got 16 and Crivello garnered 13, filling the third pick sent to the governor. John-Bull English of Hana, Maui received eight votes and Haliniak got five.

Carroll, a Native Hawaiian mother and grandmother born and raised in Hana, serves as Executive Board member to the Hana Community Association, Project Hoomana, Early Childhood Strategies Team 4, Soil and Board member of Soil and Water Conservation District for East Maui.

Clark grew up on a ranch in Waialua, Oahu and moved to Maui after graduating high school, got married has four children and three grandchildren. She said she lives on family land in Kaupo and serves as President of the Kaupo Community Association, Inc. and District 13 Vice Chair.

Crivello, a former Maui County Councilmember for six years, currently serves as Community Liaison for the Office of Mayor Victorino, where she identifies legislative priorities for Maui County and work with department and community leaders on behalf of the Mayor.

“My participation and experience through our governance process as well as a community advocate, qualifies my appointment to the Democrat State House of Representative, District 13,” she wrote in her application.

“We are proud to send the names of three accomplished women with deep community roots to Governor Ige for his consideration,” said Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. “Each has proven experience as a grassroots leader, which will surely serve the ‘canoe district’ well.”


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