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20 New Cases Last Week

By Catherine Cluett Pactol

Last week, Molokai had 20 new COVID cases between Friday, Sept. 17 and Friday, Sept. 24, peaking last Tuesday with six positive cases. As of Sunday, there were 49 active cases on island in the last two weeks. 

There were no new cases reported at Molokai schools last week. 

The Dept. of Health has authorized Pfizer booster doses for those over the age of 65 and individuals age 50-64 with underlying medical conditions, in line with CDC recommendations. First priority remains ensuring access for those who are unvaccinated. 

“As the science and the virus evolves, DOH will continue to make evidence-based decisions to ensure those at highest risk for severe illness have access to vaccines,” said Director of Health Dr. Elizabeth Char, FACEP. “We will have enough booster shots for everyone, but please allow those at highest risk for severe illness to receive their shots first. DOH’s first priority will remain encouraging unvaccinated Hawaii residents to complete their primary vaccine series.”

Those who got their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at least six months ago and fall into the prioritization guidelines should receive a booster dose. Protection provided by the first two vaccinations continues after the six-month mark. Pfizer vaccine recipients unsure if they qualify for a booster should check with their doctor.

The DOH says these recommendations apply only to those who received the Pfizer vaccine. There are no changes at this time for those who received Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Providing a Pfizer booster dose to those who received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not authorized or recommended at this time.


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