1500 new homes on the West End?

An attempt to get enough votes to stop subdivision of existing Kaluako`i land parcels has been abandoned by the West Moloka'i Association. This is a huge issue for Molokai and it's potential impact can not be underestimated. Without a prohibition on further subdivision, Maui County zoning rules could allow for up to 1500 additional homes to be built in the Kaluako`i area. One property owner on the west end has already exercised the provision to subdivide by dividing a single beach front lot into two lots and is now attempting to sell one of the two lots at a profit of $1,360,000.

In the voting process, 65% of the landowners on the west end voted against subdivision, thus demonstrating that the majority of residents on the west end recognize the potential future harm that extensive subdivision would create, however in order to mandate a new CC&R preventing subdivision, a super majority of 75% would have been required. Despite the efforts of the West Molokai Association and the west end community, this percentage was unattainable.

Nowhere, does Molokai Ranch's Draft EIS of it's proposed La`au development ever address the cumulative impact of this issue. In fact Peter Nicholas on several occasions eluded to the fact that the subdivision issue would be resolved. Well it has not been resolved and in light of the current vote, there appears to be no resolve in sight.

Under the current county rules, all of these new subdivided lots would be guaranteed water meters by Molokai Public Utilities. This is especially insulting to Homesteaders who have been promised first rights to water yet have been kept from subdividing their own lots because of water limitations.

The Position of Hui Ho`opakele `Aina is that no new subdivision should be allowed on the West End of the island. This includes the private subdivision of Kaluakoi lots as well as the proposed subdivision at La`au by Moloka'i Ranch.

Prior to any new development, it is essential that a thorough water management plan be conducted that will guarantee the complete future development of Hawaiian Homestead lands, protect our agricultural lands and accommodate for TMK's already in existence (TMK = lots already

subdivided) This was the purpose of project #7, one of the original core projects of the EC. Project #7 would have placed a water moratorium on additional allocations of water being transferred to the west end until a thorough water management plan was established.

Project #7 was deactivated by the EC board in 2003, just months prior to the time that the EC voted to support La`au development. An attempt to reactivate project #7 has continuously been stalled by the members of the EC board that support the La`au development.

The cumulative impact of future subdivision in the Kaluako`i area as well as the cumulative impact of other potential developments on our island should have been long resolved before any plans of La`au development were even discussed. It should be clear by now that the move to rush the development of La`au was poorly conceived.


Steve Morgan

Hui Ho'opakele 'Aina


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