130-Acre Kalamaula Fire Under Investigation

Firefighters battled brushfires in Kalamaula Sunday, with about 130 acres burned, according to officials. While fires blazed within 50 feet of homes, no damages or injuries were reported as of Sunday,  though Dispatch staff witnessed damage to at least one 40-foot storage container. The fire was reported just after 1 p.m., and was declared contained, though not under control, by 6 p.m. Firefighters stayed to monitor the area throughout the night, according to Lee Mainaga, fire service chief on Maui.

Twenty-eight firefighters responded, including five from Lahaina. Two helicopters doused the blazes from above, while tankers worked on the ground. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, as of Sunday.

That was the second day of fires on the island. On Saturday, two smaller fires broke out in Ho`olehua. One was reported around 11:30 a.m., while the other started just after 3 p.m. Both fires were contained with about half an hour. The two fires were declared suspicious, according to Molokai Fire Inspector Rick Schonely. He added that police and fire officials are actively investigating the incidents and have some leads. He said no other information can be released yet.

“We’re still in dry season and we have to be very careful with any open burning,” said Schonely. He asked residents to practice fire safety and report any suspicious activity.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for critical fire weather conditions for much of Maui County for Sunday and Monday. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity and high temperatures triggered the alert.


12 Responses to “130-Acre Kalamaula Fire Under Investigation”

  1. kd808 says:

    funny how twice after the day of the fire it started back up again in back of tangonans house..these ppl need 2 clean their yards thats cluttered with excess of boats, cars, trucks,trailers etc..how ugly it looks and how dangerous. this ppl are young and seem like 2 showoff all their material things thats why they stackum up behind their house.i go up kalamaula sometimes 2 visit my family. and i see all their things like that.not good if get fire but how odd it started twice thereafter..

  2. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Wow since you know so much about the fire maybe you started it…It’s a free country if they want there yard to look like that what business is it of yours? Freedom and democracy… lol

  3. kd808 says:

    a free country it is so why bother with the ASC. LMFAO you are such an idiot!!!!!LOL….

  4. missin molokai says:

    Wow, that’s classy kd808. Why are you so hell bent on being such an instigator? Get over it. Yes, there are people on Molokai who choose to stand up for what they believe in. Who made you their judge? Reminds me of that old saying “stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”…sounds to me like you’ve fallen so low you can’t get up. Perhaps some humility would help.

  5. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    I bother with who I like, when I like, why what you gonna do about it?? LMAO… It’s my Island and the freedom I fought for to do what I want to do with it what about you??… Like I said you want to insult me come to my face and say it… You should stick to Maui’s issues and if you like there’s nothing but air and oppertunity here on Molokai… Believe me nobody gonna stop you from meeting me face to face… ANYTIME LITTLE boy I think you need some tough love… aloha

  6. rzmolokai says:

    kd808-with all the beauty and blessings that can be found when a community works together through disasters, like the fire….how sad it is that some choose to bring more hurt and despair….and for what? I happen to know the 2 young people you speak of and they are nothing like the irresponsible, show-offs you claim…perhaps you should read more on your “freedom of speech”…one might take legal action since you decided to drop names and make accusations in regards to a very serious investigation….I urge you to report your findings to the proper authorities and limit your actions to the things that offer something good and worth reading…I suppose the Dispatch set this comment thing up so readers could respond their feelings…..but who then is accountable for the unwarranted hardships this kind of “opportunity” offers? Perhaps these kinds of things are the reason Hawaiians didn’t have a written language….they said things face to face and outright…that way they could be accountable for their own actions!

  7. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    I agree with that face to face so they could be held accountable right there on the spot… Not like someone who spreads rumors without knowing facts or seeing it themself… aloha

  8. kd808 says:


  9. hayngurll says:

    TO: KD808

    HI and thanks for starting off my night on a great note.
    Please dont feel the need to apologize because someone had put you on blast. By all means stick to your first thoughts and actions then one day and I mean 1 day you may finally be right.

    2. The people you speak ill of, it sounds like you have ‘ANIMOSITY’ towards them. I know them personally and they are nothing like you say. Actually very opposite to you. They dont speak ill of others or air someones laundry or business. That would be your job to do so.

    3. You gave a last name to the property. Its HAWAIIAN HOMES so get it right. DUH!!! Its not Philipino Homes so I can tell you may have something with that family. If they bother you that much then you your self said you go there to visit family. STOP!!! Let them visit you so dont need to be bothered so much.

    4. I hope you’re not Hawaiian and you shouldnt connect anything about our beautiful land such as 808 to your name if you have such a bad spirit. SHAME ON YOU!!! You would know to love your neighbor and lend a hand.

    5. Quick to realize how much belongings are near their land. Did you pull up the property tax map to know the exact property lines??? I will tell you… what is their property has always been short. THE FIRE did not originate from behind their lot. If it wasnt the boat/cars or trailers on fire then it had nothing to do with the fire. See…Stick to the article which you posted a comment about. That would be basics. Oh im sorry, you probably dont have a degree right?

    6. If you feel a need to complain then call Molokai Dispatch at 553-5355. But remember Harassment is a crime and stalking to. Also the last writer was correct about the Freedom of Speech but to you…KD808 maybe you need to learn your limitations on doing so.

    7. During the FIRE did you ever lend a hand to these people who your blasting? Of course not, because you were to busy rubber necking and talking that Kindness does not exist in your world. YOUR home was safe right…but if your family was in danger im sure these people
    would asist you.

    **ALSO** dont be quick to make a lot of noise because when you bring up too many issues…they may want to investiagte. Like it seems you may have started the fire? Maybe out of jealousy? Maybe you didnt want this family to have nice things? What is it? But i will tell you ARSON is Criminal property damage and Jail is an option as punishment. So STOP crying WOLF

    God bless your sweet soul :)

  10. Molokaiwahine says:

    This is the United States , “freedom of speech”Express your thoughts that is your right. If we are all going to write and express our feeling in this forum we need to respect everyone manao.
    God Bless all of you we are made in the image of GOD.

  11. watizit says:

    kd808 u get some jealous haters on hea. but eh dats wat dis iz foa to express ur opinions. solid to u right on. so dis iz my opinion to all ur haters on hea SHUT DA HELL UP. u fake azz jokerz. keep posting kd808.

  12. Coco.Puff says:

    OMG…Enough, already. The fire chief expressed the fires to be suspicious so how about focusing on finding the culprit(s).

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