A $100,000 Lawyer

County looking to hire former Attorney General Margery Bronster.

Former Attorney General Margery Bronster has a history of taking down multi-billion dollar agencies, and will likely be representing the county against Molokai Ranch.

By Zalina Alvi

In response to the Utilities’ threat to walk out on water and wastewater services, and the possible legal claims coming out of the situation, the County Council’s Policy Committee, chaired by Maui County Council Member and Council Vice-Chair Danny Mateo, has voted unanimously to recommend the hiring of former state Attorney General Margery Bronster to represent the county.

“It’s good the council is moving to hire Bronster. She’s one of the top attorneys in the state, and she won’t back down in representing the taxpayers of Maui County and the people of Molokai,” said DeGray Vanderbilt, former chair of the Molokai Planning Commission.

Bronster served as Attorney General of Hawaii from 1995 to 1999 as the first woman to hold the office for a full term. During her tenure, she won the state a multi-billion dollar settlement from tobacco companies.

She also led an investigation in the late ‘90s into the Bishop Estate/Kamehameha Schools scandal that involved millions of dollars of misspent money and a petition to remove the charity’s millionaire trustees. In fact, her zealous handling of the case left her so little time for her other responsibilities that the state Senate refused to confirm her for a second term in office.

Her law firm, Bronster & Hosibata specializes in “unfair or deceptive business practices,” among other things.

“Bronster is know for her toughness at getting to the truth, and she is not intimidated, as evidenced when she successfully took on corruption with the Bishop Estate trustees that led to their removal,” said Vanderbilt.

The recommendation must go to the full council on Aug. 8 first, but if it goes through, the law firm of Bronster & Hoshibata will act as special counsel to the county in all legal matters dealing with MPL and its Utilities as the West End water debacle continues.


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