$1,000 Reward for Lost Dog

Harlie walked off of our property, the morning of Aug. 18 and has not been seen by us again. She is an elderly, spayed Siberian husky with an eye disease that causes a film to grow over her eyes. If not treated twice a day, she will go blind. I love my girl dearly. We have been so heartbroken and filled with guilt for losing her after all the preparation and stress of bringing her to Molokai with us. My cousin and I have spent countless hours driving from one end of the island to the other. We’ve put up flyers everywhere. We’ve talked to everyone we see, most everyone on the island has seen a picture or heard about Harley. Anytime we get a lead, we run to see if it’s her. I just need somebody to step forward if they know who has her. I Just need my girl back, no questions asked. 

If you have information leading to her safe return. I am offering a $500 reward and the fine people at Pacific Eatery are offering another $500, bringing the reward to a $1000. Pacific Eatery has also offered to be the safe zone for someone who wants to report or bring Harlie back and receive the reward. Please, all we want is our kid back and she is my sweet kid. 

Thank you,

 Pam Lobaugh 


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