$100 Youth Grants Available

By Clare Mawae

I would like to thank the Molokai Visitors Association, Young Brothers, and Akimeka for helping to make the Molokai Challenge part of ‘A Celebration of Youth Opportunities’ possible for 2008. I would also like to thank Elle Cochran who gave her all to be part of the main fundraising effort on Maui to help raise money for the Molokai youth. With her efforts along with others they raised $1800 and from that Youth in Motion will be distributing 15 mini grants of $100 to different Youth organizations on Molokai. Mahalo Robert Novoselic from Maui Sports net for donating much of your time in filming the event and creating the annual film footage for the past five years.

The qualification for the mini grants is for an organization to be involved with youth. The organization can use the money towards off island youth travel expenses or towards programs on Molokai. Although the funds are small this year, it is hoped that we can generate much more for next year. The purpose of the crossing is for each team to raise money for every mile that they do and half of their money raised goes to a charity or youth program of their choice and the other half go towards Youth In Motion who will distribute within the community.

I can not thank enough all the other supporters for 2008 who included Kanani Costales who has donated so much of her time over the past 5 years with this event, Kalani Lani, Butch Lightfoot, Uncle Sunny Tabilangan, Iruka Saitoh, and the Youth In Motion board, and many others who gave their support with the concept of this event.

We look forward to a much bigger event next year with participation from many different divisions such as canoes, paddle board, windsurfers, kiters and other craft that are not propelled by an engine.

Without the support of Molokai Visitors Association, Young Brothers, Akimeka and all those individuals this event would not have been possible. For more information on the mini grants or to apply please contact Clare via email at clare@molokai-outdoors.com or PO Box 1236, Kaunakakai, HI 96748.

Mahalo, Clare Mawae – Chairman of Youth In Motion


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