Kalaupap Peninsula and Kalawao County news, articles, and stories.

Kalaupapa Gets New Cardiac Monitors

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Hawaii Life Flight News Release

Hawaii Life Flight donated a LifePack Cardiac Monitor to the Kalaupapa community on Molokai. This vital instrument that administers patient care and cardiac outcomes was received on July 30.

“We understand how valuable it was to have access to a cardiac monitor particularly in a remote area of Molokai,” said Dawn Guillermo, Hawaii Life Flight program director. “We are especially happy to be able to provide this equipment to this community.”

The request came from Carol Franko, Kalaupapa Care Home Supervisor, stating that the two cardiac monitors they were using expired and needed to be replaced.…

Keeping Kalaupapa Beautiful

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Keeping Kalaupapa Beautiful

Waste at the settlement up 50 percent from previous years

The amount of solid waste exported out of the Kalaupapa settlement is estimated to near 41,000 pounds by the end of September, increasing almost 50 percent from last year’s 27,000 pounds of trash.

Park officials suspect the reason for this upsurge is the increase of guests and visitors, according to Arthur Ainoa, the National Park Service’s (NPS) Grounds and Recycling Supervisor. At the monthly community meeting last week, he said many guests to Kalaupapa are unaware of the recycling and composting program, dumping all their waste into one trash pile instead of sorting it per the program’s policy.…

Fortifying the Pier

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Fortifying the Pier

Kalaupapa’s historic landmark currently under repair

It’s been a noisy week for the Kalaupapa settlement. Helicopters have been transporting mixed concrete from topside Molokai to the settlement for repairs to the historic pier since last Monday. The $5 million repairs should fortify the pier for the next 50 to 75 years, according to Steve Prokop, superintendent of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

The pier, which is over 75 years old, requires repairs on a regular basis after being pounded by winter surf on the north shore of Molokai, said Prokop. The pilings, or large posts that support the pier, are worn and the bulkhead wall below the warehouse building has deteriorated over the years.…

Kalaupapa National Historical Park Student Interns

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Kalaupapa National Historical Park Student Interns

Community Contributed

By T. Scott Williams

Aloha from Kalaupapa! On behalf of the National Park Service staff, I would like you to meet the student interns working with the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Division this summer.

The CRM Division of Kalaupapa National Historical Park is excited to be joined this summer by a wonderful group of interns. The variety of skills and knowledge that the interns bring to the park reflects the park’s efforts to enhance and preserve cultural resources. Through their work, each intern will gain a greater understanding of the significance of Kalaupapa and its unique cultural resources.

Megan Borthwick is helping with the promotion and development for new content of the park’s website, assisting with new exhibits in the settlement and working on compliance for planning/implementation of future park projects.…

Marine Corps Will Not Increase Flights to Kalaupapa

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Ho`olehua Airport still on the table as refueling station

After receiving opposition from residents as well as state and federal agencies, the U.S. Marine Corps says it won’t increase training activity in the Kalaupapa settlement. The proposed actions were part of an expansion of Marine Corps presence in Hawaii, which still includes a possible refueling station and training at the Ho`olehua Airport.

According to the Programmatic Agreement (PA) for Hawaii operations, activity in Kalaupapa will now remain at the current level of 112 operations annually, performed by H-1 helicopters. The originally-proposed action would have added training of MV-22 Osprey tiltorotar aircraft, which would have approximately doubled current activity.…

New Catholic Priest for Kalaupapa

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

New Catholic Priest for Kalaupapa

July 11 marked what Kalaupapa’s new Catholic priest believes is the fulfillment of his destiny. Father Patrick Killilea was installed as the pastor of the peninsula’s St. Francis Church, replacing Father Ambrose Sapa, who was reassigned to serve on Oahu.

“My story really begins in Kalaupapa in the summer of 2004,” said Killilea, a native of Ireland who had been serving in Massachusetts. He had come over to Kalaupapa to visit fellow members of the Sacred Hearts order — of which St. Damien was also a member.

“The words… ‘Damien the Blessed’… nearly brought me to tears,” he said. “I knew [then] I was destined to be here.”

In 2006, he was asked to fill in as pastor at St.…

Blessings from the Barge

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Blessings from the BargeKalaupapa receives long-awaited annual barge delivery

The normally calm demeanor of the Kalaupapa settlement was replaced with hustle and bustle on Saturday morning as residents chatted excitedly about what many have dubbed “Christmas in July.” It marked the once-a-year barge that hauls in essential supplies like building materials, fuel, vehicles and other goods from Oahu to the isolated settlement.

Hawaiian interisland shipping company Young Brothers Ltd. currently has a five-year contract to bring in the barge, which costs $200,000 every year, according to Kalaupapa DOH Administrator Mark Miller. This is the only vessel in the state that’s small enough to fit in the remote harbor, and timing is critical.…

Connecting Kalaupapa

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Settlement to receive broadband Internet service in July

Next month, Kalaupapa residents can expect to receive broadband Internet service for the first time in the settlement’s history. Workers and patient residents of the famously remote peninsula have often felt isolated, with little or no Internet, sometimes unreliable telephones, and limited physical access.

“This is a major step forward in communications for Kalaupapa,” said Department of Health Kalaupapa Administrator Mark Miller, who added settlement officials have been trying to get high speed Internet to Kalaupapa for the past four years. Miller said the installation will also mark the first time his office will be able to be connected to the state DOH system, rather than operating largely through the postal service.…

Repairs for Kalaupapa

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

The Kalaupapa National Park Service (NPS) has been busy with restoration projects both in the settlement and on topside Molokai. For those hoping to get a taste of Kalaupapa without the arduous hike, newly replaced informational exhibits are now displayed at the overlook at Pala`au State Park in Kala`e.

Crews worked last week to repair the rock wall and improve the overall appearance of the overlook area, said Steve Prokop, Kalaupapa NPS superintendent. Improvements included replacing the weather-worn plaques that tell the story of the settlement’s history, which had become difficult to read since their original installation about 20 years ago, said Prokop.…

Kalaupapa Restoration Recognized

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Kalaupapa Restoration Recognized

Historic Hawaii Foundation News Release

Paschoal Hall in Kalaupapa is one of the historic preservation projects chosen state-wide to be honored by the Historic Hawaii Foundation. The achievement awards will be presented at the 37th annual awards ceremony on May 11 in Honolulu.

The Paschoal Hall award was presented to National Park Service, Mason Architects, Inc., Encore Seating Restorations and The Teecor Group Inc. for interior restoration of the Kalaupapa social building. Built in 1916, Paschoal Hall is a relatively unaltered example of Hawaiian vernacular architecture. The building is a prominent and significant building in the Kalaupapa National Historical Park district and cultural landscape.…