Visual and performance arts stories on Molokai

Intro to Drawing

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

UHMC Molokai News Release

ART 113 Intro to Drawing is being offered at University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) Molokai campus this fall semester. It is structured as a beginning level class and focused on exploring a variety of media from charcoal to marker, pencil to pastel, ink to conte crayon.  You will discover more techniques and styles for how to draw what you see three dimensionally as well as how to express your feelings, culture and knowledge visually. Most importantly, you will learn how to see as an artist and realize that everyone can learn to draw.

The class is held on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.…

Rooted in Wellness

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Rooted in Wellness

Molokai returned to its roots July 5 as moms and their supporters empowered the community to live healthy lifestyles. Keiki made recycled art while moms prepared local organic food. Performers sung along to the spirit of the evening as families and organizers shared how they love the land. Besides being a night of fun and aloha, the Grassroots Benefit Concert aimed to provide a path for youth to one day be restorers of health.

“The spirit behind [the event] is to promote an awareness of health and wellness on the island and be able to offer the upcoming generation support,” said Ehulani Kane, a member of the Mom Hui, the group that organized the event.…

Teaching the Universal Language

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Teaching the Universal Language

Bob Underwood brings music education to Molokai


At the end of the day, when students have left and the halls of Kaunakakai Elementary School are quiet, first grade teacher Bob Underwood picks up his violin and continues educating. He does not get paid for it, and he welcomes anyone with a desire to learn. But why would someone who spends all day in the classroom, constantly teaching, want to volunteer his free time doing that same thing?

Bob Underwood teaches violin to Kualapu`u students during a 21st Century Music class last year

“There’s one reason, and it’s very simple,” Underwood said.…

Thanks for the Memory 2

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Thanks for the Memory 2

Community Contributed

By Dara Lukonen, Aka`ula School

For six decades, Bob Hope brought the USO’s famous “touch of home” and a string of smiles to millions of GIs. Bob Hope is remembered from generation to generation for the wonderful memories he and his Hollywood “band of gypsies” gave to U.S. troops through the years.

Aka`ula School continued this tradition last week with its econd USO-tribute show, “Thanks for the Memory 2,” performed entirely by Aka`ula students. One singer felt “the performances lacked energy during Tuesday’s dress rehearsal, but performers were pumped up and ready to go for Wednesday’s dinner theater.”

Joining Bob Hope on stage were comedians Abbott and Costello with a new take on “Who’s on First?” and two other routines, and the cast of “I Love Lucy” and their famous Chocolate Factory sketch.…

Hale Connects People to Land and Sea

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Hale Connects People to Land and Sea

At Ka Honua Momona (KHM) Ali`i fishpond, workers take breaks in the shade of a large traditional thatched hale, where it is cool even on the hottest days. Office workers can look out at the hale and 30-acre pond from the windows of the sustainable office building where administrative work supports KHM’s mission of sustainability.

KHM hasn’t always had these amenities. The office and hale are the newest addition to the Ali`i fishpond, which nine years ago was overgrown with mangrove and knee-deep in mud. Today, because of the efforts of staff and volunteers eager to preserve the site’s ancient heritage, the Ali`i and Kalakoeli fishponds serve as a place for learning, sharing and restoring.…

Whale Tales

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Whale Tales

A new, life-sized replica of a humpback whale tail at Molokai Fish and Dive is making a splash with local elementary school students. Last Tuesday, the ocean tour and gas business hosted a much younger crowd than usual at their shop. Preschoolers from Kaunakakai Elementary School stopped by to admire the work of art and learn more about the majestic creatures that live just off shore.

Making its appearance about a month ago, the tail has quickly become a landmark — and with good reason. A whale’s tail is composed of two lobes, each of which is called a fluke. Constructed by a local artist to accurately represent the size, texture and color of the real thing, the tail in front of Fish and Dive measures 14 feet across its flukes, with whale tails in the wild spanning up to 16 feet.…

May Days 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Each year, schools around the island celebrate May Day, known as Lei Day in Hawaii. Students at each school are selected for the royal court to represent every island, and perform songs and dances for family and friends. Here are some photos from May Day at  Molokai Middle, Kualapu`u, Molokai High, Kaunakakai, Kilohana and Maunaloa schools.

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Halau Reunites for Aunty Moana

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Halau Reunites for Aunty Moana

Thousands of supporters from Molokai, Hawaii and around the world gathered on Molokai April 27 to celebrate the life and legacy of Aunty Moana Dudoit. Members of the late kumu hula’s halau over the past 40 years reunited, performing together in remembrance of Dudoit, who died March 16 at the age of 73.

The celebration, which followed a memorial service for friends and family, honored Dudoit with hula, food and togetherness. Dudoit’s grandniece Zhantell Dudoit emceed the event, adding humor and commentary as different generations of the halau took the stage. Dudoit’s sister Raquel Dudoit, who also led the halau, helped provide music for the dancers.…

Molokai High Artists Earn District Honors

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard News Release

High school students through Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District competed in an arts competition sponsored by the district’s congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard. All three Molokai High School students who were among 16 finalists received honors in the contest, Gabbard announced last week. MHS’ Kierstyn Esteron earned third place, while she and fellow MHS students Rizpah Torres-Umi and Eliana Kalilikane-Garces won the “People’s Choice” contest on Gabbard’s Facebook page.

Eighty contest entries were received from high school students throughout the district. Each spring, a nationwide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.…

Artist Brings Turtles to Life

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Artist Brings Turtles to Life

Artist and Molokai resident Linda Hogan is inspired by turtles. So much, in fact, that that’s all she’s been creating for the past seven years. As a scuba diver, she has spent hours watching and swimming with honu, which motivated her to develop a technique to form life-sized turtles as works of art.

“[Honu are] peaceful, serene, ancient, magical… there’s something about them,” said Hogan.

Now, her pieces of art are sold across Hawaii and in several galleries around the country, including in Molokai’s own Art from the Heart in Kaunakakai. She typically creates honu in three sizes, with the largest about the size of a full grown turtle and weighing about 25 pounds.…