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What is community development? How should community development be governed?

Update on Molokai Animal Shelter

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Shields’ Animal Shelter Foundation News Release

The Shields’ Animal Shelter Foundation continues to make strides to bring an animal shelter to Molokai.  We would like to thank the Molokai community for the positive response at our spring community meeting. Since then we have had some setbacks, but many more successes.

Executive Director Debi Buechel spent the summer on Molokai meeting residents and attending community gatherings. Director of Development and Operations Nevyn O’Kane spent nearly six months on Molokai and the neighboring islands securing business relationships and researching operations at Maui, Lanai, Kauai and Hawaii Island’s animal shelters. Director of Humane Education and Community Outreach Victoria Velinski spoke with educators at these facilities to improve our education program.…

Mitchell Pauole Center Construction to Move Forward

Monday, December 16th, 2013

A slew of proposed improvements to the Mitchell Pauole Center in Kaunakakai have been approved and construction will begin next year. The changes include expanding the existing lanai and constructing a new freestanding lanai, as well as updating the facility’s kitchen and upgrading the entire building to current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards. The community center is currently scheduled to be closed for general use starting in February through the end of 2014.

ADA improvements will total $90,000 — an amount that was allocated for this project and would lapse at the end of the year if not used, which motivated a tighter deadline on moving the project forward, according to staff of the County Department of Parks and Recreation that’s proposing the project.…

Human Services: Career and Technical Education

Friday, November 29th, 2013

MHMC Molokai News Release

The Human Services program at University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai is designed to prepare students to work with people of all ages.  The curriculum is organized around a core of courses that provide skills and knowledge needed by human service workers.  In addition to the General Human Services degree, there is an Associate in Science (AS) degree specialization in Substance Abuse Counseling, and multiple certificates.  s

Come to the college for full details or call us at (808) 553-4490 option 5.…

Renovations for Mitchell Pauole Center

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

An expansion and improvement project has been proposed for Kaunakakai’s community facility, the Mitchell Pauole Center (MPC). The changes include expansion of the existing lanai and construction of a new freestanding lanai, as well as updating the facility’s kitchen and upgrading the entire building to current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards.

The improvements are valued at $300,000, with approximately 2,288 square foot of renovations. The project description lists the need for ADA improvements to the facility’s restrooms, parking lot, kitchen cabinets and other amenities. It also calls for lighting and electrical systems to be replaced to improve efficiency. An added covered, freestanding lanai area proposed for the east side of the existing facility would be 43 feet wide by 67 feet deep.…

Working Women

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Working Women

New Professional League on Molokai

More than 40 women attended the first MPWL membership meeting last Thursday. Photo by Jessica Ahles.

A motivated group is working together to empower women on Molokai through an emerging professional organization called the Molokai Professional Women’s League (MPWL). The organization’s goal is to host professional networking opportunities, mentorship programs and collective support to encourage active leadership in the community.

“We want to support the women here on Molokai,” said MPWL Vice President Liette Corpus. “If we support our women, we will strengthen our families and our communities.”

More than 40 members, representing all ages, attended MPWL’s first membership meeting last Thursday at Hotel Molokai.…

$3.1M Battery Proposed for Power Plant

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

If you’ve noticed a lot of temporary electricity outages and lights dimming lately on Molokai, you’re not alone — and energy researchers have proposed a multi-million dollar project they hope will help stabilize the island’s electricity supply.

About one fifth of Molokai’s electricity comes from photovoltaic (PV) energy from business and residential solar panels, according to Mathew McNeff, Maui Electric manager of Renewable Energy Services Department. However, that high percentage is causing instabilities in the flow of electricity. Because energy generated from PV depends on conditions like the weather and daylight, it doesn’t provide a steady source of electricity to Molokai’s electric grid.…

Suds for Service

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Suds for Service

Photo by Catherine Cluett

Family and friends of four ministries and churches held a free car wash Saturday behind the Store House in order to serve the community as well as to present the gospel in a new and fun way.

Though the church suggested a $1 donation, after the wash, the driver would unexpectedly receive their dollar back. Pastor Bill Umi said their main goal was to “see them drive away blessed.”

“It’s not our intention [to receive donations]” said Umi. “We want to really explain that this is a labor of worship.”

Umi said he originally got the idea from a Pastor in Canada and that this event was the first of its kind on Molokai.…

Regulating Home Businesses

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

County of Maui News Release

The County of Maui is considering amending a bill relating to home businesses. The purpose of the proposed revisions is to establish standards and restrictions for the regulation of home businesses. It also seeks to establish home businesses as a permitted use in the residential and rural zoning districts and as a special use in the agricultural zoning district, as well as classify parcels upon which a home business is conducted as commercialized residential for real property tax purposes.

A public meeting will be held on Molokai on Nov. 20 at the Mitchell Pauole Center at 6 p.m.…

How to Deal with Bullying

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Community Contributed

By Stephanie Napoli, Psy.D., MCHC

“Bullying can happen in the locker room and the chat room — on a crowded bus or an empty hallway — in school and on Facebook. It takes place anywhere and everywhere. And so, if we truly want to prevent and end bullying, we will have to mobilize entire communities against it.” This was the consensus of the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference (CBC/ACL) Anti-Bullying Braintrust in 2012.

We all know bullying when we see it. It is unwanted, aggressive behavior often by a more powerful person to someone less powerful, whether in strength, position or popularity.…

Community Calls for County Funds

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Community members had the chance to tell county officials and representatives Thursday that although Molokai is distinct from other islands in the county, they deserve the equal support in the next Fiscal Year 2015 Maui County budget.

“[Our islands] are not the same, but we are not divided,” said Ruth Ululani Manu to county officials at the budget hearing. “We are one ohana.”

Concerned residents, organizations and community leaders voiced which public services need continued and additional support from the county for the next fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014. Although Mayor Alan Arakawa could not attend the meeting due to a U.S.…