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Peaches on Molokai

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Peaches on Molokai

Community Contributed

By Alton S. Arakaki, County Extension Agent

Alan Arakaki with a peach tree grown on Molokai.

Have you ever heard of peaches grown on Molokai? Until recently, such a thing didn’t exist. But research at the Molokai Applied Research and Demonstration Farm has shown that harvesting sweet, juicy, locally-grown peaches is possible.
Apples, cherries, nectarine, apricots, plums and peaches are in a group of fruiting trees called deciduous trees.  Deciduous fruiting trees are plants that drop their leaves in the winter and require exposure to hours of chill below 45 degrees F to break leaf and flower bud dormancy, a necessary physiological change in plants to produce fruit. …

Anointed With Hope

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Thousands of pounds of free food and goods and dozens of services were given away on Molokai last weekend during what has been called the largest humanitarian event in the island’s history.  But more importantly, organizers of the Weekend of Hope said the event was a celebration of fellowship, unity and helping your neighbor.

The Weekend of Hope, held Friday through Sunday at the Kaunakakai Ball Park, was the culmination of months of planning and the efforts of 11 local churches as well as organizers nation-wide. The weekend included three major events: the Convoy of Hope that provided a host of free food and services; the Concert of Hope, featuring well-known musicians from around Hawaii and the country; and the Message of Hope on Sunday morning — a unified church service that spoke directly to the true intention of the weekend’s events.…

Breaking the Silence

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Breaking the Silence

Vigil Remembers Malia and Kaimana Kahalewai

“I want to be the last mother standing here,” said Mary Jane Kahalewai, as she stood before community members — each holding a lit candle — remembering the lives of her children Malia and Kaimana.

A vigil gathering was held last week in their honor and other victims of domestic violence.

“God can take what is deadly… what is wrong… and something good can come out of it,” said Pastor Robert Sahagun on the Molokai Public Library lawn at dusk last Wednesday. “And that is why we’re here.”

“For us, it’s about awareness, giving aloha to the family and [letting people know] we’re available if anyone needs help,” said Wanette Lee, Program Director of Hale Ho`omalu Women’s Shelter and the Alternatives to Violence Program.…

Oceanic Internet Upgrade

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Oceanic Time Warner Cable broadband Internet customers on Molokai have waited for years, filed dozens of complaints and wrung their hands in frustration as hundreds streaming Netflix movies failed to load — all because of Internet speeds many called substandard. Finally, the wait is over and YouTube videos can buffer in an instant. Last week, Oceanic upgraded Molokai service from microwave technology to fiber optic — effectively doubling Internet speeds to its approximately 1,000 island customers, according to Oceanic President Bob Barlow.

Last week, Oceanic notified its Molokai customers of the upgrade through an automated telephone message. Barlow said no interruption in service occurred, and despite their preparation for potential technical issues, none were experienced.…

Supporting the Island’s Caretakers

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

From the Middle School to the Molokai Land Trust, local organizations and nonprofits work year-around to ensure the success of the island’s youth, environment, community and culture. Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) offers financial backing and other supporting resources to many of these groups, and when trustees got a chance to hear from local leaders two weeks ago, they found that their investments have paid off. At a community forum, the OHA board of trustees listened for nearly four hours as community members shared the successes they’ve enjoyed, as well as the struggles they face.

Environmental Efforts
I Aloha Molokai (IAM) president Kanoho Helm discussed the progress the organization has made since its establishment four years ago to oppose wind turbines and the undersea cable on the island.…

Rooted in Wellness

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Rooted in Wellness

Molokai returned to its roots July 5 as moms and their supporters empowered the community to live healthy lifestyles. Keiki made recycled art while moms prepared local organic food. Performers sung along to the spirit of the evening as families and organizers shared how they love the land. Besides being a night of fun and aloha, the Grassroots Benefit Concert aimed to provide a path for youth to one day be restorers of health.

“The spirit behind [the event] is to promote an awareness of health and wellness on the island and be able to offer the upcoming generation support,” said Ehulani Kane, a member of the Mom Hui, the group that organized the event.…

Playing with the Pros

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Playing with the Pros

Young Molokai football players hit the field with some National Football League (NFL) professionals and scored tips on training, conditioning and playing their best game. Oakland Raiders linebacker Kaluka Maiava and New York Jets linebacker Jojo Dickson shared their insider secrets with the Molokai High School football team June 26. The team, going into its second season, was ready to stretch their ability to condition and practice for games.

Jojo Dickson and Kaluka Maiava lead drills for the MHS football team.                          Photo by Emily Sumner

”The team is still in its infancy, so we’re still learning,” said Farmers head coach Mike Kahale.…

Little League, Big Accomplishments

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Little League, Big Accomplishments

Molokai’s Little League All Stars fought for the district champion title June 25, taking on teams from across the county in the first tournament Molokai has hosted in seven years.  But these 11 and 12-year-olds are more than just baseball players; they are local heroes, bringing the community together one swing at a time.

Molokai’s Micah Calairo-Nakagawa swings during his team’s fourth-inning win over Lanai during the Little League tournament on Molokai. Photo by Catherine Cluett.

“These 14 individuals – young men and women – took on a great challenge,” said Molokai Little League President Minky Hoopai Young. “They were looked at like warriors, and they battled really hard.”

They battled on the home front, allowing the community to see their All Stars in action.…

Keiki Showcase Livestock

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Keiki Showcase Livestock

Acey Reyes knows how to steer her steer. At 11 years old, this 4-H member raises cattle for showmanship and market competitions. Her most recent exhibition was last weekend in Kaunakakai at the annual 4-H Livestock Expo.

Saturday afternoon she sat in the pen with her steer, nerves racing before she took him into the ring for the showmanship competition. Acey’s companion, Chuck, a Brangus Cross, is eight times her size. She had to guide the animal through the small ring alongside two other competitors’ steer, all while being watched and judged.

“It takes confidence,” said Acey. “You have to work with the animal and make sure he’s tame enough to compete.…

Weathering the Storms

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


A look at disaster planning on Molokai

Hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding – catastrophes like these can quickly go from bad to worse in a place as isolated as Molokai. In the midst of disaster, the island will rely first on its own – a small team of dedicated responders who are doing their best at planning for the worst.

When a tsunami hit Hawaii three years ago, 25 out of the 29 damage cases in Maui County were from Molokai, according to the Red Cross. Though these cases didn’t qualify as a disaster, the aftermath brings with it fear of what will carry Molokai through a time of need.…