General news which affects the Molokai community in one way or another.

Community Plan Raises Issues on Land, Economy

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Molokai’s future is being weighed as a local committee reviews the island’s Community Plan update, a blueprint for the next 20 years. The plan spans 2015-2035 and establishes the goals and policies that residents envision for the island’s development. The 13-person Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) is in the process of reviewing the chapters and is seeking input from fellow residents on issues like community design, water usage, natural resource management and infrastructure development.

Last week, the problems facing Molokai’s economy and issues of land use, were on the hot seat, with hours of education and discussion for committee members.

For CPAC member Lori Buchanan, the planning process offers an important opportunity for community problem-solving.…

Molokai to Feature on Travel Show

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

After filming on the Friendly Isle in February, Anthony Bourdain’s award-winning CNN travel show “Parts Unknown” is set to air an episode this Sunday, June 14, featuring Molokai, Maui and Oahu. In his program, the globetrotting chef and author uncovers “the little-known, off-the-road, and seemingly-familiar areas of the world,” according to a CNN blog post.

“We using this opportunity for promote how we aloha aina,” said Keawanui Fishpond operator Hanohano Naehu, who spoke with Bourdain during his visit. “… Every generation fought to keep this place like this, so we inherited not only a place that was unchanged, but we inherited that responsibility for keep fighting for this.”

Residents said Bourdain wanted to portray an authentic story of Molokai.…

Sign Up For New Emergency Alerts

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Maui County News Release

Now that the 2015 Pacific Hurricane Season has officially kicked off with the formation of Tropical Storm Andres off the Coast of Mexico last week, Maui County residents are urged to sign up for “Maka`ala,” the Maui County Civil Defense’s new Emergency Alert System.

We need to be prepared for this storm and the several other storm systems that are predicted to form this year.

“Maka`ala translated from Hawaiian means to be alert, aware and vigilant and we want residents to be just that,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa. “We have had a number of tropical storms, hurricanes, tsunamis and other emergency events hit Maui County in recent years, and Maka`ala notifications will allow people to watch out for the next emergency event and hopefully enable them to stay out of harm’s way.”

Maka`ala allows Maui Civil Defense officials to create customized messages for residents who register for it.…

Free Summer Program Starts Soon

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Molokai CORAL News Release

For those who have applied to the Molokai CORAL Program as a student or as staff, welcome and get ready for an exciting summer of learning! For those who are seeking a FREE educational opportunity for their child(ren) this summer, it’s not too late to register at

As a reminder, students begin on Tuesday, June 9. The program will run through Friday, July 10. There will be an Orientation on Monday, June 8 at the Molokai High School Cafeteria at 5 p.m. where families can meet the staff and other partners of this year’s program. Program hours are 7:30 a.m.…

Farm Food Safety Short-Course

Friday, June 5th, 2015

KBC News Release

The Molokai Farm Food Safety Short-Course is being offered for farmers on Molokai who are interested in implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) on their farms.  This is the first step in starting your Farm Food Safety Plan.  The first class, held in May was an overview of GAP.  There is still time to get in on this great opportunity for our agriculture community.

The course will run through September with one class being held per month.  Classes are held from 9 a.m. to noon  and registration is required (space is limited).  The next class will be held June 10 at the UH Maui College Farm and the topic will be Personal Hygiene — building your field hand washing station. …

4-H Expo

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Molokai 4-H Livestock Club News Release

The Molokai 4-H Livestock Club is proud to present the Annual Molokai 4-H Expo on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20. 4-H is a program for youth ages 5 to 19 that promotes development of life skills, leadership, personal economics, and teaches pride in workmanship and accomplishments.

Participants in the Molokai 4-H Livestock club have been working with some of their projects for over seven months. Projects include steers, swine, goats, chickens and rabbits. Friday members will be weighing-in their projects and judging animals during the day, but you can still come and check out the exhibits.…

Thanks for the Memory

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Community Contributed

Editor’s note: For decades, Bob Hope brought entertainment and smiles to millions of U.S. troops through United Service Organizations (USO), making 57 tours for the USO between 1941 and 1991. For the past four years, Aka`ula School students have hosted a USO tribute show to honor those who have served in the American Armed Services.  Students select singers, musicians, comedians or actors they would like to impersonate and spend the fourth quarter of school perfecting their acts. Below, reprinted with permission from Aka`ula, are what students had to say about the experience.

Fourth Annual USO Show

By Ramie DeVera-Kuahuia, Grade 8

On May 16, my school held its fourth USO tribute show. …

Molokai Fitness: Spam

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Community Contributed

By Ayda Ersoy

May 2 was the 13th annual Spam Jam Festival. Spam is one of Hawaii’s favorite foods, and the festival is a cultural celebration here in Hawaii. In 2014, they estimated that 25000 people attended the event.

Spam was originally introduced in 1937 by Hormel Foods. Now, almost seven million cans are eaten every year in Hawaii alone. So many things have changed since 1937, new food studies and different eating and living habits, but we’re still eating so much spam.

So what exactly is spam? It’s a highly processed meat, which is made by smoking, salting, adding preservatives and also nitrates, coloring and flavoring.…

Veterans Corner

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Community Contributed

By Jesse Church

Aloha all my fellow veterans and residents of Molokai, old Jesse here with all the veterans news and upcoming events. Your monitor goes blank. You hear and grinding noise from the processor, then silence. Ever wonder why people blame this mechanical disaster on a “computer bug?” You may not appreciate the naval ties while watching your data melt, but the term does have its origins in the sea service, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command. Rear Adm. Grace Hopper, a computer software pioneer in the Navy, was working on the primitive Mark II computer is 1947 when she found an error, according to the History Command’s website.…

Concerns Grow Over Coconut Grove

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Concerns Grow Over Coconut Grove

Photo by Colleen Uechi.

Molokai’s historic Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove has stood for more than a century. However, recently residents have begun to notice the deteriorating health of the coconut trees. Scattered among the healthy palms are a number of dead trees, their tall trunks ending abruptly in leafless stubs. Not only are the lifeless trees an eyesore, but the cause of their death is an increasing concern within the community.

Last December, the Molokai/Maui Invasive Species Committee (MoMISC) gathered fruit and leaf samples from the grove for testing, according to Lori Buchanan, field outreach coordinator for MoMISC. The Department of Agriculture (DOA) and UH College of Tropical Agriculture tested the samples and identified multiple pests and diseases.…