General news which affects the Molokai community in one way or another.

New Coach, Same Goals for Cross Country

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Last week, Molokai High Cross Country Coach Mahina Hou Ross departed on board the Hokule`a. Now Molokai’s cross country runners, under the direction of interim coach Manu Adolpho, have dreams of a shorter but meaningful journey of their own: traveling to Oahu for the state cross country championships.

“We have been training hard as a team and putting in the miles needed to get us to where we want,” said senior Luke Kikukawa, who placed seventh overall in the Farmers’ Sept. 20 meet. “…We’re expecting, if not our entire boys’ team, some to qualify for the state meet on Oahu.”

Race statistics back the boys’ hopes, as Molokai has turned in multiple top three finishes in this season’s meets, with Keaoalono Ross and Markis-Grayson Aldridge joining Kikukawa as top 20 finishers.…

Farmers Air Riflery a Force to Fear

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Farmers Air Riflery a Force to Fear

Junior Kea`a Davis competes in the standing portion of Molokai’s Oct. 2 match. Davis finished 26th, while the Molokai girls finished fifth and the boys placed first.

Molokai High air riflery coaches Daniel Imakyure and Chinky Hubbard have come to the same conclusion. Both men, with extensive firearms backgrounds, have peered through the sights of their students’ air rifles, taken the 33-foot shot at miniscule paper targets and come away surprised by the experience.

“I tried it out myself,” said Hubbard, the Molokai girls’ coach. “It’s not that easy.”

“It’s actually pretty difficult,” boys’ coach Imakyure admitted.

This season, however, Molokai High School (MHS) student marksmen are making it look deceptively simple.…

Changes to Cesspools and Wastewater Systems

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

DOH News Release

There are changes to rules about cesspools and wastewater systems taking place, and the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) is soliciting public comments and holding meetings around the state, including Molokai.

Proposed changes include prohibiting the installation of new cesspools and requiring connections or upgrades of existing cesspools to septic systems within 180 days after sale of property.

There are roughly 90,000 cesspools statewide in Hawaii, with nearly 50,000 located on Hawaii Island, almost 14,000 on Kauai, more than 12,000 on Maui, more than 11,000 on Oahu, and more than 1,400 on Molokai. The untreated wastewater from cesspools can contaminate ground water, drinking water sources, streams and oceans with disease-causing pathogens, algae-causing nutrients, and other harmful substances.…

East Molokai to Hold Recycling Event

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

County of Maui Solid Waste Division, Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Section News Release

County of Maui Department of Environmental Services and Molokai Metals Facility will be holding a metals and electronics collection event in east Molokai Thursday, Oct. 16 through Saturday, Oct. 18, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.  The collection site will be located at 8483 Kamehameha V Highway at Mile Marker 15. Items accepted include scrap metals, appliances, tires, auto batteries, propane tanks and electronics such as computers, monitors, printers, televisions and microwave ovens. No vehicles, non-metal furniture or household hazardous waste will be accepted. Residents will be assisted and directed at the site upon arrival.…

Community Center Improvements Nearing Completion

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Kaunakakai’s community facility, the Mitchell Pauole Center, remains closed for renovations but its completion is near.

“The bulk of the work is done,” said Brianne Savage, interim parks director for the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation, which is in charge of the project. “We’re pushing [for reopening] as soon as we can.”

Construction began at the end of March, and was slated to be finished this December. Savage said she hopes the facility will be ready ahead of schedule. No official completion date has yet been set.

The renovations — which include an additional freestanding covered lanai, kitchen and restroom improvements, and wheelchair accessibility upgrades to current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards – are budgeted at over $1 million.…

Krazy for Kolea Kontest Winners

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Nene o Molokai press release

This year marked the 17th annual Krazy for Kolea Kontest, and a kolea reported by Joe Kitagawa proved to be Molokai’s early bird, marking the beginning of the fall migration of the Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva). At 11:21 a.m. on July 29, a kolea flushed from a pasture at the Kamakou Preserve. Joe wins a Kolea Research Hawaii T-shirt from the Hawaii Audubon Society and a gift certificate for one scoop of ice cream at Kamoi Snack-N-Go.

The kolea is a swift flying shorebird and has been clocked migrating at 118 miles per hour, although an average of 56 to 60 mph is more typical.…

Honoring County Employees

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Honoring County Employees

Harvey Place, center, the winner of this year’s Employee of The Year, stands with Mayor Alan Arakawa, right, and Molokai County Council member Stacy Crivello, left.

Molokai county employees serve island residents every day by working to make sure community needs are met. In recognition of their services and hard work, employees from Maui County’s five departments on island were honored at a luncheon last Thursday.

“Every employee and job is critical to the operation that we have,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa. “We want to make sure that everybody recognizes that we as county employees are here to provide the very best services we can to the community so we can have the highest quality of life.”

County employees are responsible for a variety of tasks that keep the island running smoothly — and many work above and beyond their job description.…

Molokai Fire Promotions

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Molokai Fire Promotions

Greg Jenkins.

Maui Fire Dept. News Release

Two Molokai firefighters, Greg Jenkins and Jorgen Busby, have recently been promoted.

Greg Jenkins joined the Maui Fire Department on April 1, 1996 and was promoted to the rank of Captain this month on Sept. 16. After recruit class in 1996, Captain Jenkins was first assigned as a Firefighter to Molokai at the Ho`olehua Fire Station on Engine 9, B Watch. At various ranks throughout his career, Captain Jenkins has also worked at the Kaunakakai and Puko`o Fire Stations on Molokai, as well as on Maui, at the Napili Fire Station and in the Hazardous Materials/Training Bureau.…

A New Invasive Species – Hala Scale

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Community Contributed

By Glenn I. Teves, County Extension Agent, UH CTAHR

“Pala ka hala, momona ka wana” is a saying connecting activities on the land with those in the ocean. In this case, when the hala fruits are ripe, the sea urchin or wana is fat and ready to eat. Now, hala will need to overcome a new nemesis that may not allow its fruits to ripen.

In 1995, the Hala Scale was discovered in a shipment of hala plants from the South Pacific to Hana, Maui. From there, it quickly spread to other islands. It was recently confirmed on Molokai in Puko`o and is believed to have been on the island for more than five years.…

Molokai Fitness: Motivate Yourself

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Community Contributed

By Ayda Ersoy

What is your motivation? What keeps you going and working towards your work, life, or health goals? What do you enjoy doing?

Your motivation comes from understanding the big “why” you are doing what you do. When you understand the reason why, you will get much more energized.

If you really want to achieve your goals, but you are lacking motivation, then take a moment and do this exercise. Close your eyes and just imagine that you have already reached your goal. Imagine how that feels. Imagine looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I did it!”

It’s an amazing feeling, correct?…